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Breathe In: CAMPO Beauty

AROMATHERAPY can be a great way to support the senses, offering healing benefits, stress relief, inner calm and relaxation and the opportunity to rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit.  Here, Jessica Frandson and Jill King, founders of CAMPO Beauty, share their tips on how best to take advantages of the benefits of aromatherapy this season.

Modeliste: Tell us about the overall concept of the product line.
Campo is modern aromatherapy inspired by the art of making perfume and the ancient rituals of aromatherapy. We scoured the globe to find the best essential oils with the most intoxicating scents, knockout healing powers and active beauty benefits. All of our of plant-derived essential oil products are 100% natural, of the highest quality and delivered in jet-set ready packing designed to fit in seamlessly with today’s busy lifestyle.

Modeliste:  What makes it so unique and innovative in the industry?
At Campo, we break the mold on traditional aromatherapy products with with our modern twists on signature blends and packaging that is like no other on the market.  We use the ancient art of aromatherapy and the art of making perfume to help guide us in creating all of our formulations. Our Energy, Focus and Relax blends smell more like a natural perfume than a typical essential oil formulation. Not only are our essential oils of the highest quality and purity out there, but we also only use the highest quality beauty grade carrier oils for all of our body oils and roll-ons. Our prices are very approachable.

Modeliste:   What inspired you to create the line?
We thought it was time for essential oils and clean aromatherapy beauty products to take center stage – to be modernized, beautiful and more accessible. We believed if our products were chic enough to be on the counter instead of under the counter it would encourage people to reach for aromatherapy throughout their day. We wanted to make it simple and easy to digest to help people create new daily rituals of mindful moments using the power of scent. Everyone is so busy these days and our hope is that Campo serves as a reminder to pause, to be present and to reset.  We also wanted to make a difference for those that might not be able to meet their basic needs. With every product purchase we give a meal to a child or family in need through; One product. One meal.

Modeliste:   Why do you feel the use of essential oils to be so important in daily life?
Scent is transformative. The simple ritual of taking a mini moment to breathe in the beauty of an essential oil can help create healthy habits. Whether it’s to perk up in the morning before running into a business meeting or to unwind at the end of the day, essential oils can transform your move and help improve overall wellbeing.

Modeliste:   Tell us about the different oil blends you have created. What purpose do they serve? How/when are they best used?
We were inspired by our roots in southern California and wanted to capture the nostalgia of our childhood memories…being carefree, running through orange groves and playing on the beach. Neroli orange blossom is our secret sauce that is woven into all our scent stories. You won’t find it in many products because it is rare and commands a pretty penny. Neroli was first introduced as a fashionable scent among royals in the late 1600’s and is long prized in aromatherapy for its uplifting, calming and oxygenetic effects. Our breathtaking Energy, Focus and Relax blends are formulated for today’s busy lifestyle. We created these three ethos that we felt were universal to the demands of our modern lifestyle. Energy to perk you up, Focus to ground and Relax to calm. Our three signature blends come in a roll-on, a body oil with dropper application and a pure blend with an oil reducer. They are all multi-functional and great on the go from head to toe. Our roll-on is a true clean beauty hero and has so many uses. You can use it to soften dry split ends, roll it on as a clean perfume alternative, apply it to cuticles and nails for pure oil hydration, use the roller ball on the bottom of your feet for a mini foot massage after a long day or simply just roll on pulse points and enjoy the knockout healing powers of pure plant-based aromatherapy.

Modeliste:   Are there any rules to health and beauty you live by?
Hydrate from the inside and out…drink tons of mountain spring water and hydrate the skin with essential oil blends with nourishing carrier oils like jojoba, apricot kernel, camellia oil evening primrose throughout the day (and night). The power of the mind is incredible, meditation and/or simply creating positive stories in your mind is so powerful. The subconscious does not know the difference between reality and what you dream up so why not paint the picture of your happy place…create every detail from the scent, taste, sounds and sensations to manifest the best life possible. You can do this while you breathe in essential oils and then create a positive trigger through scent/aromatherapy.

Modeliste:   Best advice you’ve ever received?
Don’t dream in pieces. A successful female entrepreneur told me to think big when mapping out a new business. If you had Bill Gates’ money what would you do?

Modeliste:   Greatest success or achievement with the brand?
Dior reached out to us to gift a VIP client Campo for their birthday. What do you get someone who has everything? Campo makes a thoughtful and unique gift…luxury wellness.  On a personal note, together with my best friend Jill we concepted and executed everything in the collection and we were able to mash-up our passions, ambitions and friendship into a deeper bond. I have infinite gratitude to be able to do what I love with people I love even more!

Modeliste:   Beauty Icons?
Lauren Beauties…Lauren Hutton (timeless beauty), Lauren Santo Domingo (girl crush beauty) and Lauren Frandson (my nine year old’s natural beauty).

Modeliste:  What’s next for the line? What can we be on the lookout for?
Everything’s coming up roses and neroli for Campo. We are currently in the lab working on a Rose/Love essential oil blend, an ultra-hydrating lip balm and multi-use hydration mist. Our kids love Campo and wanted their own signature scent so they are busy helping us create Campo Kids.



Energy Roll-On Oil – $45.00


Relax Roll-On Oil  – $45.00

Energy Hydration Body Oil –  $49.00


Relax Hydration Body Oil – $49.00


Campo Essential Oil Diffuser – $97.00


Energy Blend 100% Pure Essential Oil – $ 45.00

Relax Blend 100% Pure Essential Oil  $ 45.00



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Instagram: @campobeauty

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