Beauty Box | May3rd, 2017

Dove Cameron’s #1 Beauty Tip


With flawless, radiant skin we all envy, Modeliste asked Dove what her #1 Beauty tip is, and this is what we learned.

“Highlight on the inner corner of the eye. Highlight on the tip of the nose. Highlight on the bow of your lips. That will change your life. Brushing your brows up instead of this way. What else? Oh, my make up artist and I, I’m looking at her right now. She’s like my second mother. What we like to do is take instead of a full eyelash strip because I feel like that closes my eyes and my eyes are fairly big naturally, because of the nature of my face they can just get closed. We’ll cut a lash strip in half and then just do straight from here out and then do a couple individuals here. Then we take the part that we’ve cut off and double layer it to make like a crazy wing. I just changed your life.”

Thanks Dove!

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