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Shopping Guide: Chicago


Modeliste City Shopping Guide
Destination: Chicago
The Midwest’s Lakeside Shopping Oasis

Chicago is something special. Situated on one of the most beautiful Great Lakes, Chicago offers a big city buzz but with a small town vibe. From bustling downtown to the heritage proud suburbs it’s easy to fall in love with shopping in Chicago! After winning the World Series in November and breaking the 108 year curse, Chicago is more vibrant than ever!

Magnificent Mile
Cars lined up and down Michigan Avenue and buildings surrounding you as tall as the sky, lets you know you have arrived to the ever so popular Magnificent Mile. Lined with trees and retail stores as far as the eye can see, Magnificent Mile has over 400 retailers and 3 enormous malls. Just about a mile long, Michigan Avenue is also home to many of Chicago’s upscale hotels like the prominent Drake Hotel and Four Seasons. One of the most magical times to visit the Mag Mile is during the holidays when all the trees are draped in lights and you can see horses pulling buggies with holiday shoppers and couples on a romantic date.

Oak Street
At the north end of the Magnificent Mile lies Oak Street, Chicago’s Rodeo Drive, where well known couture designer labels line the streets. A while back Oak Street fell off the shopping map but now new luxury labels are popping up and Oak Street has become Chicago’s luxury shopping hub! Not only does Oak Street have upscale shopping, this shopping district also host many high-end restaurants for those looking to make a day of shopping and dining in Chicago’s lavish shopping district!

Fashion Triangle
The smell of coffee beans roasting and bakeries selling their freshly baked goods makes this shopping district feel less big city and more like a quaint neighborhood but with the “L” whizzing overhead you know you are not far from the city center. This shopping district is not quite a triangle but 3 main street that intersect to form this great shopping district. Located in Chicago’s hip neighborhood of Wicker Park, Fashion Triangle is where the young and free spirited come to sip their craft coffee and shop the local and well known retail shops. Along North Damen street well known athletic and outdoor apparel stores as well as trendy shoe and beauty stores call this neighborhood home. Walk down Milwaukee Ave. for a more eclectic mix of popular retail, consignment, and unique trendy stores.

West Armitage Avenue
Modest storefronts, trees lining the street, and almost no traffic is what make this shopping district a favorite among the locals. True to the neighborhood-esque feel Armitage Ave. is a quiet hidden gem that has a handful of great local and popular retail stores. Here you will find exclusive brick-and-mortar stores of well known small brands that only have a handful of store fronts. Another great feature about this shopping district is the mix of local content, for every 2 well known brands there is one small local boutique waiting to be discovered!

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