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Shopping Guide: San Francisco


Modeliste City Shopping Guide
Destination: San Francisco
The Most Uniquely Diverse & Trend Setting Shopping Districts

Best known for its stunning international orange bridge that connects the bay city to the world famous wine regions of Napa and Sonoma, San Francisco is like no other city in the United States. The peninsula houses many of the world’s biggest tech giants, several of the most sought after culinary experiences, as well as some of the best shopping you can find in the United States. Shopping in San Francisco is so special in part because the only similarity between the different shopping districts is that they all call SF home.

Union Square
Covered by the shadows of the high rises, sounds of cars and trolleys on the metal tracks, and crowds of urban explorers is a sure sign that you are in the busiest and most well known shopping district of San Francisco. Union Square is a shopping mecca that covers about a 5 by 5 city block radius of never ending stores. The square itself is a great place to take a break from shopping to enjoy the cityscape as well snapping a selfie in front of the famous large decorated hearts symbolizing all those that left their hearts in San Francisco. You can find every national and many international chains lining the streets of this shopping district.

Hayes Valley
Escape the masses and venture to the quitter tree lined hipster city street, known as Hayes Valley, where you will find the young professionals and entrepreneurs enjoying a small urban park and grabbing a brew from the beer garden made out of shipping crates. Hayes Street is small but definitely worth a stop! On Hayes street you will discover there are virtually no chains and an exceptional mix of home good, shoes, and apparel stores! Head into Azil Boutique where most of the accessories and jewelry are locally crafted, all are one of a kind, and very reasonably priced! Marine Layer, just across the street from Azil, has grown to have about 21 stores in the US but they started in San Francisco. The SF native apparel store first operated out of an old VW bus and has grown to become an SF staple for the most comfortable and soft shirts you will ever wear!

Fillmore Street
Head to the Lower Pacific Heights where sophisticated shoppers like to enjoy the tranquil high-end experience Fillmore street offers. Situated on one of San Francisco’s many lofty hills and hemmed by the architecturally fascinating Japantown, Fillmore shopping district is a hopping neighborhood street that is sprinkled with well known designer boutiques as well as exclusive boutiques from smaller but sought after designers. With many pieces in department and favorited stores like Anthropologie, Ella Moss has one brick-and-mortar store and you can find it on Fillmore street. Other exclusive international boutiques like Lilith of Paris have one of only a handful of US stores on Fillmore street.

Union Street
For a little less shock to your wallet make your way to Cow Hollow’s Union Street. Not to be confused with the bustling city shopping district of Union Square, Union Street is a more peaceful and incomparable shopping district. SF’s Cow Hollow neighborhood and merchants pride themselves on being 100% authentic and don’t allow chains to call Union Street home. Though you may notice there are a few big chains that slipped in before Union Street made the choice to be strictly small brands and locally owned, the big chains are few and far between on this street. From home decor, apparel, bridal, and active wear you will for sure find something special here on Union Street.

Haight Street
Bright paintings, psychedelic signs, and the smell of incense lets you know you have entered one of the most unique and eclectic shopping street in all of the United States. Found in San Francisco’s famous Haight-Ashbury district and best known for being the epicenter of the iconic 60’s hippie movement Haight street shopping is a like no other. The street is lined with consignment stores, gift shops, shoe stores, and other specialty shops. For a one-of-a-kind offbeat shopping experience Haight Street is the perfect spot!

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