Beauty Box | November23rd, 2016

WEI Beauty: Show your Skin the Wei


It’s not just your closet that gets an overhaul when the weather gets colder- your beauty routine needs a revamp, too.  Update your beauty regime with these game-changing, skin-perfecting face masks and treatments. Whether you want to replenish, hydrate, detoxify or just give your skin a deep cleanse, WEI Beauty has exactly what your skin craves in the form of  supercharged ingredients. Stay glowing and fresh with these 3 products which brighten your skin immediately- giving a complete complexion reset and radiance.

“Holiday is an incredibly busy time.  Travel, weather, stress, and indulging in holiday treats can cause your skin to get out of balance. Our detoxifying range of skincare products is formulated with powerful herbs used in Traditional Chinese Medicine like Golden Root and Mung Bean Sprout to cleanse, purify, protect, and bring balance for a healthy, flawless complexion all season long,” Wei Young Brian, founder and CEO of WEI Beauty.


Golden Root Multi-Action Anti-Pollution Mist
Reserved for royalty as the most potent herb to restore youth, Golden Root keeps skin looking young, smooth and beautiful.


Mung Bean Sprout Stress-Relieving Soothing Mask
This purifying sheet mask floats in an essence of detoxifying Mung Bean Sprout to help to clear imbalanced or blemished skin. A ten-minute application exfoliates dull skin and removes skin-damaging pollutants and impurities from pores while restoring healthy sebum levels for a calm, flawless complexion.
$60 pack of 6


Golden Root Purifying Mud Mask
This velvety smooth mud mask deeply cleanses skin, purges toxins and impurities, and minimizes the appearance of pores and blemishes for an even, flawless complexion.


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