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The #1 Secret to Getting Gorgeous Summer Hair: Terax Hair Care



A favorite amongst A-list celebrities, top models and hair stylists, Terax Hair Care has become an industry staple and insider must-have. Terax Hair Care is world renowned for products that keep hair healthy, strong, and looking beautiful—all season long, similar to what JuveTress does. Modeliste went directly to the source, Marco Musumeci, President of Terax Hair Care to find out what makes Terax the most coveted hair care line.

Tell us about the Terax Hair Care line.
Terax Hair Care is focused on the overall health of the hair, not just the finished style. Our products are engineered to perform on all types of hair, both healthy and damaged, Caucasian and ethnic. We view conditioning as the most important part of the hair care regimen and have built our product assortment around that philosophy.

What inspired the line’s creation?
The line was originally inspired by individuals and salons looking for ways to care for their wigs in 1960s Italy. The founders of the brand, two Italian brothers, realized that the product worked so well on the coarse hair used for wigs, and would likely work even better on real hair. They began with just two products, Original Crema and a leave in conditioner. We have slowly expanded the line since that time.

What makes Terax Hair Care products so unique?
Our conditioning system is based on pH balancing the hair for optimum moisture and color protection. The Original Crema conditioner is a high pH, which opens the hair cuticle and imparts all of the conditioning and moisturizing. Our leave in conditioners are low pH, which immediately close the cuticle and lock in color, moisture and protect against heat damage.

Life Drops 7oz

Terax Hydrate
Leave in vegan botanical conditioner

Crema Shampoo 8.5oz

Terax Crema Shampoo
Rinse out daily moisturizing vegan cleanser

6.7oz Crema

Terax Original Crema
Rinse out daily moisturizing conditioner

7oz Hydrate

Terax Life Drops
Leave in protein conditioner

What tips do you have for Summer hair care?
Summer hair is about being able to go from the house to the beach/pool to a great new restaurant without having to worry about your hair each step of the way. Make sure the hair is conditioned well and the style will be easy to set. No worries about split ends or fly-aways, when hair is healthy from the inside out.

What are you seeing as the hottest Summer hair trends?
Messy buns, braided updo’s – anything that can be done quick and easy. Enjoy the sun and fresh air without having to spend a lot of time styling your hair.

What’s next for the line? Any new launches we can be on the lookout for?
New styling products this coming fall season and we are hard at work on an exciting new line extension for the brand!


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