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Quickie Glam Tips for When You’re On the Go



You’re running late for work again! You’ve only got time to do a few quick things, but what are the essentials?? These quick tips make it easier to figure out how to prioritize your morning routine so you’ll be looking chic in no time at all.


Hair: You woke up and your hair looks like… well… bed head. Quickly take your blow dryer to your bangs. Spritz some texturizer in your hair and shake it out to create some volume. Take a quick flat iron to curl the pieces near your temples to frame your face.



Clothes: Can you cuff it? Do it! If you decide to throw on those old pair of skinny jeans, take a few extra seconds to roll up the bottoms for a more sophisticated look. Similarly, if you decide to go for a blazer or chambray shirt, cuff up the ends! It’s the stylist tip to chic style in a jiffy.


Jewelry: A sophisticated watch or statement necklace can make all the difference. Invest in a piece that is neutral in color- such as silver, gold, black, or white- that you can throw on with any outfit!

Makeup: It’s the race to the finish line. All you’ve got to do is throw on your makeup before you have to get out of here! The essentials: primer and/or foundation, mascara, and blush. Evenly apply your most tried and true primer or foundation. Add some mascara to create a more “awake” look, then add a little blush for that last bit of liveliness! Now you’re ready to take on the world and you’re back on schedule!




Written by Jill Winkler

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