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20 Questions with Cara Jourdan



Photography by PAIGE OWEN

Hello gorgeous, Tell us a little bit about yourself.
Hi! My name is Cara Jourdan. I am from Vancouver, Canada, and have been working as an influencer for almost ten years now! I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Women’s Studies, and have worked as an Editor and as a Senior Buyer for a high end retail store. During my time as a buyer I began my blog (back before Instagram even existed!) and slowly grew my audience over time. I have now been blogging/doing social media for 7 years full-time. I love to travel, swim, adventure, spend time with friends and family and read in the sunshine.

How would you define yourself in three words?
Adventurous, caring and fun.

In what ways have you been incorporating self – care into your daily routine?
Self-care is very important to me. I love exercising and make sure to workout at the gym or go for a run or a hike almost everyday. I also make sure I have down time to read or listen to music or to watch a good movie so that I have all of the energy to work hard.

What’s the most fulfilling part of your job?
Meeting people! I love connecting with people around the world, be it on social media or at events or in the airport…it is such a wonderful perk of this job.

Can you tell us about an exciting time in your career?
One of my most magical moments was attending the Cannes Film Festival with L’Oreal Paris. I also got to live out one of my dreams attending the Victoria Secret Fashion Show in New York. Additionally, I won the Harper’s Bazaar Fabulous at Every Age event and was featured in the magazine which was certainly a highlight!

What would you title this current chapter in your life?

“Growth”. I am constantly trying to think outside the box and grow my career by offering new creative direction for my audience. I love pushing myself and figuring out how to make things work during harder times, for example during Covid19.

How do you educate yourself on ways of maintaining healthy skin?
I have just recently come out of a really tough time for my skin. I started experiencing cystic acne two years ago, and it plagued me for a year and a half. I changed my diet, got tested for allergies, got facials yet nothing seemed to help! I came to believe it was hormonal and stress related, and was able to work with an amazing team at Vanity Lab in Vancouver, BC, Canada, who helped me with a new skin routine (retinol is magic!). It has healed thankfully. It was very difficult, especially in this line of work, to have such terrible acne breakouts so I want everyone to know, if you are suffering with anything, it doesn’t last forever and no one notices as much as you do yourself. Also, always remember Instagram isn’t always reality! Many people are going through things that they may not share on social media.

What do you love most about Pixi Beauty?
I love that it was created by a woman and that it focuses on enhancing natural beauty.

What are your top 3 favorite Pixi Beauty products?
Love all things glow! The On the Glow Stick is my must-have!

What does the word empowerment mean to you?
Such a big question~ I believe everyone has the right to feel empowered, which means having access to knowledge and a platform to learn, share and teach one another. We should feel empowered and empower others around us.

In what ways do you use your platform for the greater good?
My social media outlet is my workplace, so I do focus on sharing creative and beautiful imagery that I hope inspires others to go outside, go for that swim, feel the breeze in your hair, watch that sunset, and enjoy the little things in life. I do keep my personal life slightly separate from what I share on social outlets, and in my own time I do spend time, money and energy on causes including the SPCA and volunteering at the Women’s Shelter in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside & Union Gospel Mission. I have shared about causes that I am very passionate about, for example I advocate feminism and shared a post on International Women’s Day about what it means to me, and of course I shared during the BLM movement.

During these tough times, what has kept you motivated?
I want to bring joy to everyone’s day during these times, and hopefully my images offer a moment of peace and enjoyment to those who see them, giving them a break from the stress of today’s climate.

How do you remain fit, active, and healthy with stay-at-home orders intact?
I was lucky enough in Vancouver that we were encouraged to go outside during our quarantine, so I got out for a lot of walks & runs. I also took up at-home workouts. There are so many amazing workout videos online that you can tune into and get your sweat on! I also had a stationary bike from my cycling class, Ride Cycle Club in Vancouver, in my house during the strict quarantine time.

As a creative in quarantine, how have you found inspiration and ways to create?
It was challenging as I am primarily a travel blogger, however, it opened my eyes to look at my own backyard in Vancouver and British Columbia and highlight my own country! I also adapted to do more at home shots, incorporating flowers or different angles to keep it interesting.

What and/or who has had the most influence on your growth and why?
I actually have been blogging (yes, blogging…I started before Instagram existed!) since 2012, so I have had a slow and steady growth over that time. I have built a great community of influencer friends and we all support one another’s work. I was fortunate to have the opportunity to do TV segments and be featured in magazines including Harper’s Bazaar, Fashion & Flare magazines, so I think every little bit of exposure helped me along the way.

How can you as an individual actively take part in fighting a system of oppression and standing in solidarity with your peers of color to amplify their voices?
I graduated with a Women’s Studies Degree from The University of Victoria, and was fortunate during my studies to learn a lot about oppression, sexism & racism, reading works by Bell Hooks & Gloria Steinem & Simone de Beauvoir, for example, which gave me a great base to go back to when the BLM Movement began. I believe that as individuals we need to do our part each and everyday, because it is about making it our lifestyle, not just a movement for a moment. It is our job to educate ourselves, ask questions, have discussions and always be open to listening & learning. I wouldn’t even think of not standing up against racism when/if I were to see it in person. This is just something you do! I would make a stand for any injustice that I came across…if someone needed help or if I were to see something happening that was clearly not right, I would say something or do something. That is our jobs as citizens of the world! Be kind, have compassion & empathy, be open and thoughtful…Do the best that you can do!

In what ways has your life changed due to current events?

Life has changed dramatically! Family visits have been canceled, friends have had family members get sick, reading the news about what people are going through physically & mentally has been an eye opener. Of course my work has changed – as a travel blogger obviously I have not been traveling, and of course many brands & companies have been suffering, so I noticed a decline in job opportunities. But I see that people are suffering so greatly, being separated from their families, losing their jobs or companies, getting sick or seeing loved ones sick & dying…I feel very lucky in this time that I have come out with what I have, thus far. My heart just goes out to all those who are really suffering.

What advice do you have for someone who aspires to create a career like your own?
Be ready to work hard & believe in yourself! Being self employed is not easy…it is a roller coaster full of great, fulfilling times, as well as lonely, stressful & scary times. But it is all worth it to be able to live your dream & be able to be creative and know that the harder you work, the more you can achieve. I love my job, but I do know that a lot of people see blogging/instagram as an “easy” job- I assure you, it isn’t! Those who are successful working full time never take days off, always have work on their mind & are willing to take risks in order to succeed. If that sounds like you, go for it!

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