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20 questions with Hassie Harrison



Hassie Harrison
Stylist: MARC ERAM

Hello gorgeous, Tell us a little bit about yourself.
Hi! My name is Hassie Harrison. (Yes, that’s my real name.) I’m an actress that grew up in Texas and live in Los Angeles now. I’m obsessed with dogs and am currently in a deep and meaningful love affair with my morning coffee and consider myself to be a cereal enthusiast.

How would you define yourself in three words?
Passionate. Artistic. Loyal.

In what ways have you been incorporating self – care into your daily routine?
I take a lot of walks to exercise my body, spend time with friends and family to fill my heart, read and listen to audiobooks and podcasts to stay informed and make sure to get a lot of vitamin D! As an extra bonus, I also love a good facemask.

What’s the most fulfilling part of your job?
Why live one life when you can experience so many. Each time I book a role; it sets me off on a whole new adventure. It’s incredibly satisfying as I’m continually learning and growing and being challenged in numerous ways.

Can you tell us about an exciting time in your career?
Right now! Being on two shows at the same time has added rocket fuel to my life. Moving back and forth between a comedy (Tacoma FD) and a Western (Yellowstone) is beyond rewarding. Being surrounded by people whom I consider titans in the industry i.,e. Taylor Sheridan and Kevin Costner on Yellowstone and the comedic genius of Kevin Heffernan and Steve Lemme on Tacoma FD is incredibly humbling. I am in a constant state of awe and wonderment.

What would you title this current chapter in your life?

-The Upswing?
-I was told there would be snacks.
-Might be going big, might be going home.
-This is where I’m hanging my hat…for now.

How do you educate yourself on ways of maintaining healthy skin?
I became a certified health coach a few years ago, so I am a big believer in the inside-out approach. What we eat and drink shows up on our skin, in our sleep patterns and in our day-to-day energy levels and moods.

What do you love most about Pixi Beauty?
I really appreciate the high-quality ingredients and botanical infusions they use that makes my skin glow. I’m partial to the thoughtful and elegant packaging; which looks so chic on my vanity. And you can’t beat Pixi’s refreshingly affordable price point.

What are your top 3 favorite Pixi Beauty products?
My skin can get dry, so my go-to products are the Rose Oil Blend, the Rose Caviar Essence, and the H20 Skin Drink. They have been lifesavers for me!

What does the word empowerment mean to you?
I think the root of empowerment is liking and accepting, all of yourself. From there, you can feel confident about who you are and what you bring to the table. Taking it a step further, you learn how to advocate for yourself and make better choices. Once you master that, you can extend that to advocating for others within your personal and professional community and the world at large. That’s what empowerment means to me…so far. I’m sure I will expand on that as I get older and gain more life experience.

In what ways do you use your platform for the greater good?
I lend my voice, financial assistance, my time and my energy on a regular basis. I’m always trying to use my platform to highlight organizations and individuals who are doing work I admire and who need the support.

During these tough times, what has kept you motivated?
Staying motivated has been challenging. I spent so much time trying to keep up with the news about what was going on in the world, while simultaneously trying not to be anxious about it all, which led to mental and emotional burnout. It’s a really heavy time, and there is a lot to be anxious about. My priority has shifted to a more balanced approach of staying safe, staying informed and staying connected to my loved ones.

How do you remain fit, active, and healthy with stay-at-home orders intact?
I guess this will track back to what you just asked me, but I have slowed down my life and exercise routine. I have been taking beautiful long walks with my puppy and have noticed how my body has appreciated the gift of rest and relaxation. To balance that out, I have put more focus on eating healthy and cooking my own clean meals.

As a creative in quarantine, how have you found inspiration and ways to create?
Utilizing the senses helps me stay balanced and engaged. I have been reading a lot, which inspires me to write, listening to a bunch of new music, which lead me to learn the guitar, and when all that fails, I turn to baking which always takes my anxiety away.

How can you as an individual actively take part in fighting a system of oppression and standing in solidarity with your peers of color to amplify their voices?

I think the most essential step is to educate ourselves on what it means to be anti-racist. From there, you can appreciate how supporting Black-owned businesses, protesting, advocating for your Black friends and co-workers, standing up against racist micro-aggressions and holding corporations accountable can and will effect real change.

How have you found ways to educate yourself and those around you?
There are so many resources to choose from now. I have been learning so much through podcasts, books, and quite frankly Instagram where I follow @theconscioskid,
@osopepatrisse, @egi_org and @shityoushouldcareabout, to name just a few. I encourage you to check them out if you aren’t familiar. In addition to that, I’ve been initiating difficult conversations, exchanging information and ideas and encouraging people I know to research, follow the money and dig deep into individual and corporate alignment and agendas.

What do you think are ways that others can help society and our surrounding communities?
We are living in an unprecedented era wherein social media has the ability to connect people to organizations, and communities are being created because of that. You can find countless opportunities to volunteer your time, services, or donate resources, from the local to global scale.

In what ways has your life changed due to current events?
I’ve taken this time to slow down and go inward. I’ve tended to my relationships with more care. And like everyone else, I’ve become more proficient with Zoom.

What advice do you have for someone who aspires to create a career like your own?
My chosen career requires a lot of passion, patience, and persistence. It’s also necessary to stay out of your own way by continuing to show up and do the work. Just as important, you must study and educate yourself through film, theater, observing actors and directors and reading a ton of scripts. Work hard and you’ll be rewarded. I’ve found that to be true in life and in acting. It’s that life is short and things can change in an instant – don’t wait, just go for it.

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