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2022’s Top Creatives to Watch Now: Brigette Pheloung


What would you title this chapter in your life?
Growth. I built an entire career for myself this past two years from the ground up. Through that I have grown and learned so much.

What inspires you and your career?
Definitely my followers. They inspire me to put out quality content that they take inspiration from.

How did you develop the social media platform you have as an influencer today?
Two years ago my following was 0. I started this account from nothing but the clothes in my closet and my sister taking pictures on my phone. The way I developed it into what it is today was hard work, consistency in posting on as many platforms as possible. TikTok helped me get my name out there because my videos reached a huge audience. Another very important aspect to developing a platform in social media is not caring what other people think. Being in this industry, you subject yourself to judgment every single day. Not caring and posting what makes you happy is the best way to succeed. I have learned that if you are confident, WAY less people will question or judge you.

What’s the biggest challenge you come across as an influencer?
The constant feeling of comparing yourself. It’s easy to get caught up in comparing yourself to other creators and letting it discourage you.

In what ways do you wish to inspire people through your platform?

I inspire people to try new looks when it comes to fashion and beauty. I show people how to take risks and teach them new techniques. All of this helps individuals become more confident and able to see themselves in a new way!

What’s at the top of your bucket list for 2022?
Start relationships with luxury brands!

What’s a trend that never goes out of style in your life?
Being confident.

Three beauty products you cannot live without?
Self tanner, Laneige lip mask, and Dove soap.

What’s a typical work day like for you?
I currently work a full time job in addition to being an influencer, so my days are definitely hectic! I try to workout every morning before my day starts and get everything done needed for my 9-5. Most days I use my hour for lunch to create content. Not having to go into the office is ideal for me because I utilize every free second I have.

What advice do you have for someone who aspires to have a career like your own?

Don’t let what other people think hold you back, and be confident in your abilities to inspire.

Are you working on any exciting projects you can share?
Yes, but can’t share just yet!

What’s something people would be surprised to know about you?
I’m half Australian.

Biggest highlight in your career?
Going to NYFW with Revolve!

Last song you played?
“Good Days” by SZA.

What would you like to say to your fans?
I would be nowhere without you guys, thank you for supporting me always and continuing to inspire me everyday.


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