2022’s Top Creatives to Watch Now: Vanessa Torres



What would you title this chapter in your life?
“The Next Chapter”

What inspires you and your career?
Having the opportunity to make a living off of being creative is a blessing in itself. The fact that so many people find value in my work is largely what motivates me to have faith in myself and my creative work. I love being able to express myself through creating content and, for me, it’s an outlet. I’m also very determined to live my life doing something I love and am committed to that mindset. To me, there’s no other way to go through life besides to whole-heartedly enjoy it.

How did you develop the social media platform you have as an influencer today?
It actually started by chance! My parents were super strict with me, so I wasn’t really allowed to use social media until I turned 18. Once I did, my boyfriend at the time would help me take photos and soon after, I had brands reaching out to me to give me products for free to shoot in. Over time, I started getting more intentional with creating content and began to monetize it. I would create mood boards that resonated with what I wanted to portray in that specific period of time, worked collaboratively with photographers to get my name out there, and constantly networked with people in the industry I wanted to become a part of. I made some lifelong friends from those interactions and continue to. Connections are everything!

What’s the biggest challenge you come across as an influencer?

One of the biggest challenges is probably maintaining my motivation to be creative. Like everyone else, I have rough days, and when your work consists of always needing your best and most motivated self and constantly being in front of a camera, it can put a lot of pressure on you to always be “ok.” I find that dedicated me-time and intentional self-love practices go a long way. For me, that consists of slow mornings, nutritious food, being gentle with myself, occupied time for little to no stimulation, and morning and nighttime routines to start my day and then wind down.

In what ways do you wish to inspire people through your platform?
With the creative work that I put my heart into, I hope to evoke emotion and to stress an appreciation for self-love, the aesthetic of nature, beautiful views, architecture, stylish clothes and accessories in curated, dreamy lifestyle content. With my more meaningful content like my collaboration with Flamebearers, a Harvard University Olympic/Paralympic podcast, UnitedWeDream for their Disinformation awareness campaign regarding mail-in-ballots, or FL Rising, a nonprofit organization, for their Latinas En Marcha Pledge to Vote campaign, I hope to inspire my audience to take note of things going on in the world around them and to use their voice and their own influence to make changes in the world.

What’s at the top of your bucket list for 2022?
Visit the opposite side of the world finally.

What’s a trend that never goes out of style in your life?
Long hair, if that’s a trend. I’ll probably always have long hair.

Three beauty products you cannot live without?
My Supergoop Glow sunscreen, lip oil, Gisou hair oil.

What’s a typical work day like for you?

I live far from most in-person work or photoshoots that I have, so when I have either of those, my days consist of packing my schedule into a few days, so I can make the most of my trip. It’ll start with an early morning, stopping at showrooms, coffee meetings, phone meetings while driving, the work itself and indefinitely, not spending the night at home. Sometimes, I’ll schedule in a workout since I’m already up and going! My work days either consist of staying sedentary most of the day, switching between working on my phone to laptop, editing and answering emails, or a super packed schedule; there’s rarely an in-between. I enjoy both though, but am more so just eager to be busy!

What advice do you have for someone who aspires to have a career like your own?
Understand that there aren’t really any “off-days.” Once you make yourself your business, your brand, and become your own manager, you have an obligation to now constantly network, market yourself, keep up with emails and outreach and always be doing something towards the betterment of your career. This can be applied to most, if not all, freelancers. Specifically touching on modeling, just aim to be happy and healthy! You’ll radiate happiness and that is beautiful. There’s so many widely accepted forms of beauty that I’d advise not to stress the old beauty standards anymore.

Are you working on any exciting projects you can share?
Yes a few! I just recently went to LA for the Pura Vida Bracelets x Disney Princesses campaign which was super exciting to be chosen for as Jasmine. I also just completed a collaboration with Hulu and Bustle for Season 2 of their show Dollface, which was a fun partnership. Right now, I’m working on a project with Flamebearers to share the message and motivations of some of the inspirational and diverse women participating in the Olympics and Paralympics.

What’s something people would be surprised to know about you?

I’m actively pursuing my graduate degree in Neuroscience. I graduated with my B.S. in Neuroscience & Behavior this past May and now am applying to a post baccalaureate training program to do paid research before applying to graduate programs. The two I have in mind would earn me my Doctoral degree with a Master’s along the way!

Biggest highlight in your career?
A few big highlights included getting booked for an Abercrombie campaign a few years ago – this felt like a HUGE win to my younger self. Also, working with Pura Vida Bracelets traveling to gorgeous places like St. Kitts, Monterrey & LA, and near home in Miami, and then seeing myself in their store. This felt so rewarding and validating that what I’m doing each day is paying off and bringing me these opportunities. Two of the campaigns I worked on with Pura Vida were for Disney Mickey & Friends and then Disney Princesses. It was such an honor being chosen for those!

Last song you played?
“Confidently Lost” by Sabrina Claudio

What would you like to say to your fans?
Thank you! Thank you for your support and seeing the value in my work! My supporters are what largely makes this possible and rewarding. I’m especially grateful for the ones who have been following my journey for years now, the ones who have seen the tragedy I’ve been through and how I pushed past the obstacles that followed; and the people I’ve inspired in doing so and the pure-hearted souls that bother to tell me I’ve had a positive impact on their lives. So much love for you guys!

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