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Karrueche Tran optimizes stylish and sexy. However, she also has that very down-to-earth persona and an engaging honesty and realness that makes her the girl that quietly, and unassumingly lights up the room. Her sense of humour, gratitude and genuine sweetness is as infectious as it is refreshing. It’s no wonder she has risen quickly to the ranks of celebrity status and is holding her own with a career not only in modeling, but in acting and as an entrepreneur with her latest beauty collection and temporary tatto line. Modeliste is catching up with Karrueche.

Modeliste: How did you originally get into modeling?
Karrueche: I worked at Nordstrom as a personal shopper and then I did a few local modeling gigs and then in 2014 I was officially signed with Wilhelmina models where things really took off running.

Modeliste: Who was your fashion idol growing up?
Karrueche: Growing up I would probably say Tyra Banks- it’s actually strange, I used to get a lot of comments that I looked like her, I think we have a similar forehead shape. But I would also say Victoria Beckham and how she’s able to be really versatile in her fashion choices from being on the runway and to being a mom. I also love her fashion line.

Modeliste: How would you describe your personal style?
Karrueche: I like to go with my mood and body shape. I’m very petite and small, so oftentimes I’m wearing crop tops or high waisted bottoms and if I’m the mood, I’ll wear a swing dress or skirt or maybe even some boyfriend jeans so it really depends on my mood.

Modeliste: What’s your go-to favorite accessory?
Karrueche: I love chokers. I don’t wear too many necklaces or chunky jewelry but I love chokers the best. It adds a little something to an outfit.

Modeliste: Favorite shoes?
Karrueche: I love shoes period. My favorite style would be strappy sandals. I think they’re very sexy and you can wear them throughout the year.

Modeliste: Current handbag?
Karrueche: Lately, I’ve been wearing this Christian Louis Vuitton black, small backpack, I’m one of those girls who puts everything in my purse. I have my phone charger, my selfie light, headphones, my keys maybe 3 or 4 lip glosses so that has been my go-to so I can toss everything in there.

Modeliste: Do you have a favorite designer?
Karrueche: Alexander Wang- I love his collections, he has a mix of street wear and high fashion which I love because that’s also kind of how I dress too. Very sensible but very detailed.

Modeliste: Signature scent?
Karrueche: Right now my favorite is J’Adore by Dior- it smells like heaven. It has kind of a more mature scent to it. I would suggest it to anybody.

Modeliste: Favorite lip shade?
Karrueche: I love a nude- which is why I created a nude color in my collaboration with Colourpop. But on a day to day I like to wear a sheer lip gloss or maybe one with a pink tint with some shine.

Modeliste: Having worked with so many makeup artists, is there one tip that you’ve taken away and use daily?
Karrueche: I would say investing in mattifying products. I have really oily skin so a makeup artist I worked with went makeup shopping with and he introduced me to a mattifying primer and toner.

Modeliste: What are you wearing this very moment?
Karrueche: I just got home from Target so I have on a pair of Luluemon black workout shorts and a gray tee shirt.

Modeliste: If you could only bring 3 makeup items with you to a desert island, what would they be?
Karrueche: Mascara, an eyebrow pencil, and chapstick or lipgloss.

Modeliste: Latest splurge
Karrueche: I went shoe shopping a few weeks ago and bought a pair of shoes and felt bad about it but then I thought about it and I love them so now I don’t feel bad.

Modeliste: Something you think of that always makes you smile.
Karrueche: Flowers. I love love flowers. Sometimes I’ll randomly get flowers sent to my house. Roses are my favorite.

Modeliste: Funniest or most memorable red carpet moment you’ve had so far?
Karrueche: I recently went to the premier of The Perfect Match and I walked down the red carpet after J-Lo so that was pretty memorable because she’s… J-Lo! and she’s beautiful.

Modeliste: You’re also a talented actress, appearing on shows such as the award-winning series, The Bay. What’s it like being part of such a thrilling series?
Karrueche: It’s a really great feeling to be a part of a cast that’s one an Emmy so I’m just happy and privileged to work apart of such a team.

Modeliste: What’s your favorite part of being on set?
Karrueche: Just being a new actress, every actress is a new learning experience for me.

Modeliste: Tell us about your upcoming film which is set to premier in April?
Karrueche: It is called A Weekend with the Family. My character Courtney, is dating a lawyer who works for my dad firm. However I don’t know that he works for my dad and my dad doesn’t know that we are dating. So I plan this big getaway and it’s the first time that our families are meeting. So there’s a big culture clash because my family is very traditional and strict and his family is from the South and very country. So throughout the movie we clash and we are fighting but in the end, both families who come from such different backgrounds have more in common than they expected.

Modeliste: We also heard you have a new line of tattoos coming out, what was the inspiration behind this new venture?
Karrueche: This collection that I did with Tattify, makes a great accessory and is really perfect for festival season. Girls like to dress up and have fun so this is just another fun accessory for them.

Modeliste: Do you have a favorite tattoo on yourself? Any new ones in the works?
Karrueche: My favorite is on my left arm and it says “Where there is love, there is life” which is kind of a quote that I live by. I’m very positive and into self-love so I believe if you carry yourself with love, that is kind of the meaning of life.

Modeliste: We heard on-set that you have an amazing voice as well, is singing something you might consider getting into?
Karrueche: Haha no no. I sound good in the shower but no.

Modeliste: What are some of your favorite things to do outside of work?
Karrueche: Probably just chilling, hanging out- I went to target today, which is a very dangerous place. I’m into home shopping, relaxing at home, watching Netflix. Going out to eat with friends.

Modeliste: Top 2 things on your bucket list.
Karrueche: I really want to go to Vietnam, where my mother and family is from. I want to take her and my grandparents there because they haven’t been back since they left during the war. And I want to go the Maldives, because it looks absolutely beautiful.

Modeliste: Favorite part of the photoshoot
Karrueche: We did a transformation into another look and Theo did a really awesome slick, a wet oily look , and Hrush did a very high fashion-natural look, and between the glam and the fashion and the photographer, we created this really awesome look

Modeliste: Why do you love Modeliste magazine?
Karrueche: Everything! The high fashion, the modeling, and finally getting to be a part of it! I’m very thankful.

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