Beauty Box | April1st, 2016

Hottest Spring Makeup Trends: Pretty in PIXI


Go For Bronze

It’s the ‘always summer here’ look. Blend a tinted moisturizer with bronzer for a naturally tan, sun-kissed sheen.

H20 Skintint


PIXI Skintint


Beauty Bronzer + Kabuki



PIXI Beauty Bronzer + Kabuki



  1. Lash Out                                                                                                                                                             The ultimate lash moments have arrived. Go the distance with mascara that provides lots of length for this season’s flirty, chic look.




Try: Lengthy Fiber Mascara


PIXI Lengthy Fiber Mascara


  1.  Sunset Streak

Typically reserves for lips and cheeks, this season we’re seeing lids with lots of pink. Extremely wearable for all skin tones, pink offers a soft and pretty pop of color, with an added element of surprise.


Try: Mesmerizing Mineral Palette


PIXI Mesmerizing Mineral Palette

  1. A Fine Line.
  2. It’s time to take your standard black eye-liner up a notch. Bold lines are a must this season.  Try playing up the inner corners or just the out edges of your top lid for more dramatic looks.



Endless Silky Eye Pen


PIXI Silky Eye Pen

  1. The Bold and Beautiful

Bold eyebrows are still all the rave this season.  Strong, straight and full is most flattering and youthful way to wear your brows this season.


Try: Endless Brow Gel Pen


PIXI Endless Brow Gel Pen


The look: The full lip has returned this season. The most wearable, and arguably the most universally flattering, is the blurred-edge finish. For a perfectly plumped pout


Try:  LipLift Max  


PIXI Lift Max

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