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4 Influencers to follow in 2020



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Photographed by Logan Hill

CHIC Mansion Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Andreea Cristina @andreeacristina

As a beauty and wellness influencer, dog mom, wife, and occasional chef – Andreea Cristina continues to spread light on ways of maintaining a healthy and happy lifestyle. If you’re looking for ways to fix your relationship, articles on relevant trends, healthy recipes, or a new makeup routine is the perfect place to go. 

Danielle Lombard @daniellellombard

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Danielle grew up to find success as a young business woman while maintaining a balance of lifestyle, wellness, and travel.  Danielle grew her platform after starring on season 21 of The Bachelor and remains true to herself in an interchanging world, empowering women daily. 

Nitsan Raiter @nitsanraiter

“Beauty Rewritten” started out as a term paper but it soon after lead up to Nistan’s successful career as a blogger and a social media consulting company. Nitsan has created her  platform to redefine society’s beauty standards and does so by sharing her authentic love for style, beauty, and lifestyle. 

Sophie Suchan @sophiesuchan

Sophia Suchan brought her passion for fashion into the world of instagram and it wasn’t long before she became a growing influencer. She is based in Canada but is most likely traveling elsewhere while keeping her audience up to date on all things PFG, otherwise known as ‘pretty frickin’ good’. 


See our Photoshoot at Chic Mansion with Hannah Godwin, Andreea Cristina, Sophia Suchan, Nitsan Raiter.

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