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5 Hairstyles To Give Your Hair a Break!



Blow Dry, straighten, curl, crimp, color- it’s time to give your hair a break. The day-in and day-out heat tools we tend to use regularly can damage hair so it’s a good idea to take a few days every month to do some heat-free hair styles to give your hair that break it desperately needs. Below are 5 of our favorites: quick and easy to style, save you time in the morning and save your hair.


Messy Bun

A chic twist on the classic ballerina bun- pull your hair up in a high pony in the middle-top part of your head.  While holding the pony in place with one hand, grab the ends of your hair and fold them in half to meet the bun and fasten somewhat loosely with a hair tie. Then, twist and pull till desired messiness is achieved. Go bobby pin crazy if you need and still obtain that effortless chic look!



Fishtail Braid

Such a beautiful, beachy look that looks difficult but isn’t. Split your hair into two parts. Take a piece of hair from one of the far end of the parts and pull over to the other side and add to the opposite part of hair. Then alternate! Pull hair from the side you did not pull from the first time and again, add it to the opposite. Continue to braid until you reach the end and fasten with hair tie. Then pull for desired looseness and now you’re looking mermaid beautiful!


Sock Bun

Is it one of those days you just don’t want your hair getting in our way? Create a sock bun by first taking an old sock and cutting off the closed toe end.  Roll the cut sock to create a doughnut–type shape. Gather your hair in a high pony and string ends through the middle of your newly created sock bun.  Pull hair evenly around the sock bun and being to roll it down the ponytail until you reach your head.  Use bobby pins to take care of any stray hairs.


Twist Curls

This hairstyle should be created the night before. This works best when hair is damp. Split your hair into two sections. Begin to create a hair twist on one side by grabbing a portion of hair near your hairline where your bangs would be and simply twist with a portion of hair below the piece you first grabbed. Similar to French braiding, continue to add hair to the twist until you reach the ends of your hair. Complete by doing the same steps on the other side. Sleep on this style and when you wake up, un twist and you will have beautiful natural curls!


Half Pulled Back with Bobby Pins

Get creative with the simplicity of bobby pins! All this requires is to pull your hair back into half up, half down style. Instead of fastening with a hair tie, use 3 bobby pins to create a triangle shape to hold the style together- one straight across the bottom and two sloping inwards on the left and right sides! Play around with different bobby pin shapes you can create and add some cool flair to classic hair styles!


-Written by Jill Winkler

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