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Playful, fun, unique and absolutely fabulous, Kimys bags are the Must-Have bag of the season.  Modeliste sat down with lead designer Ikram and this is what we learned about the ultimate handbag obsession!

The concept behind Kimys bag is one of creativity and quality simply.  Creating fun and unique handmade bags using mosaics and natural materials benefitting from an ancient lineage of Moroccan and Indian artisans who take pride in their craft. Their knowledge and craftsmanship is where I draw my inspiration.

Jewel $99
What inspired you to create the line?

Growing up in Morocco I was brought up in an ancient and rich culture of beauty where colors and textures never ceased to ignite my imagination. Throughout the years and my various travels around the globe, my sense of beauty and style grew to become more defined and assertive. My quest was one of distinction and originality. The Moroccan/Indian mix that gave birth to Kimys Bag came as a revelation when I discovered India with all its promise and beauty. The warm colors and originality of our designs are a testimony to these two ancient cultures. Countries where exoticism joins simplicity and where contrast is as common as the most unusual pairings.

Joy $99

What makes your designs so unique and innovative?

My bags are handmade so naturally each is unique, each mosaic is cut differently and placed with care by talented artisans. Each pattern is thought through beforehand to create a harmonious and joyous design with just the right balance of happy colors, perfect for summer.

Furthermore, there is really nothing quite like them in the market, a unique piece that’s quickly becoming the must have of the summer! I think women are liking that they are fun bags that they can dress up or down.

Are there any rules to fashion you live by?

Don’t be a fashion victim. Fashion teaches you what to wear but it does not mean you have to follow the latest trends. Wear what suits you. And most importantly, dress appropriate for the place and the time.

Khamssa White $89

Best advice you’ve ever received?

The best advice I ever had was from my brother, he once told me that if I wanted something bad enough, I have to go for it and make it happen, and if that sounds difficult, it means that I don’t want it enough.

Kimys’s $120

Greatest success or achievement with the brand?

My biggest achievement is seeing my vision materialize, a big dream and tireless efforts to bring my first bag to completion and many more after that first prototype. Seeing my designs on wonderful women all around the globe, from different paths of life and different styles truly fills me up with joy and makes me feel like I am succeeding. What started as a crazy idea walking around the streets of Morocco and India has now become a reality . I’ve made from my Passion a reality thanks to all the support I’ve been getting from my customers.

L’Oriental $120

What are 3 major trends in handbags this Fall?

The minuscule purses

The belt Bags

and of course Kimys Bag 🙂

L’Unique $99

What’s next for the line? What can we be on the lookout for?

For next fall, I would like to introduce different materials to my line such as vegan leather  or velvet but always respecting the spirit of Kimys Bag signature mosaics.

I am also working on a new line of wallets for both men and women. So follow us to discover our new trends.

Must $120

Why you love Modeliste Magazine.

Modiste Magazine is a great source of inspiration, I like the fact that it is dedicated to new emerging fashion trends and exposes you to new brands and styles.

Sunshine $99

The Pearl $109

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Amy McCabe
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