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How to Get Maggie Rawlins’ Gorgeous Cover Look




1. Use Vitamin-C Serum for a brightening boost and long-term radiance.


2. Prep skin with Pixi +C Vit Priming Oil


3. Apply Pixi +C Vit Brightening Perfector under eyes to brighten and lighten.

4. Follow with Pixi Beauty Balm applied with a fluffy synthetic brush using soft circular motions for a light coverage.


5. Apply a tiny bit of Pixi +C Vit Glow-y Powder to cheeks for a natural luminous finish.


5. Add a small wing to eyes using The Cat Eye Ink in Black


6. Apply 2-3 coats of Pixi Lengthy Fiber Mascara to further define eyes.


7. Lightly groom brows with Pixi Natural Brow Duo and add a gel to set.


8. Add Mattelast Liquid Lip for a long-lasting Matte finish on the lips.


9. Finish your look by misting your face with the ‘Makeup Fixing Mist’ infused with rosewater and green tea.



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