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A Look Back at Met Gala 2023’s Best Dressed



Written by Ben Malka

The first Monday in May came and went in a hurry and some of us only caught a glimpse of the Red Carpet looks that emerged on our feeds thereafter. Of course, we were quick to share our favorite (and least favorite) picks from the evening while curled up on our couches in our questionable nightwear. And while it’s only natural (and admittingly quite fun) to claim judgement upon first view, there are certainly other considerable factors on fashion’s biggest night of the year. Theme, chosen designer, interpretation and execution are items that we’ll be exploring in our review to further context and appreciation of the most iconic looks. 


This year brought together a star-studded lineup of celebrities, each making a statement with their extraordinary fashion choices. Among the notable attendees were Jennie Kim, Dua Lipa, Rihanna, Cardi B, and Liu Wen, who captivated the world with their style tributes to this year’s theme, “Karl Lagerfeld: A Line of Beauty”. 



Jennie Kim in Archive Chanel Fall 1990

As Karl Lagerfeld’s latest muse and last hand-picked ambassador for the Chanel brand, exciting newcomer Jennie Kim was one to watch. Jennie’s choice to wear an archive Chanel 1990 look was an homage to the late Karl Lagerfeld’s iconic designs. Her team reimaged look 164 from the Fall collection, which featured a white mini dress adorned with a simple white camellia and a ribbon tie at the bodice. Kim effortlessly blended the past with the present, showcasing Lagerfeld’s enduring influence on fashion. Her impeccable styling and attention to detail made her a standout on the red carpet, capturing the essence of Lagerfeld’s aesthetic vision.


Dua Lipa in Archive Chanel Fall 1992 Couture Ballgown

This year’s co-chair, Dua Lipa, opted for an archive Chanel Fall 1992 couture ballgown, paying tribute to Lagerfeld’s mastery of creating grand, theatrical pieces. Her ensemble, adorned with intricate beadwork and voluminous layers of tulle, exuded a sense of regal glamour. Lipa’s choice demonstrated her ability to embrace the extravagant and channel the spirit of Lagerfeld’s vision. The breathtaking silhouette and meticulous craftsmanship of her billowing gown made her a true standout at the event. 


Rihanna In a White Valentino Look with a Camellia-Covered Cape


Rihanna, known for her daring fashion choices, stunned in a white Valentino ensemble with a camellia-covered cape. The outfit, reminiscent of Lagerfeld’s love for the emblematic flower, combined elegance and boldness effortlessly. The cape, adorned with delicate camellia motifs, showcased intricate craftsmanship and added a touch of drama to her look. Rihanna’s fearless style and attention-grabbing presence epitomized Lagerfeld’s penchant for creating memorable fashion moments.


Cardi B in Cheeping Studio

Cardi B embraced Lagerfeld’s spirit of pushing boundaries with her choice of a Cheeping Studio ensemble. The avant-garde design featured exaggerated proportions and intricate details. Cardi B’s fearless approach to fashion and willingness to experiment made her a standout presence on the red carpet. Her outfit encapsulated Lagerfeld’s desire to challenge conventions and create visually striking pieces.


Liu Wen in Tory Burch Gown

Liu Wen showcased a Tory Burch gown that blended femininity with modernity, capturing Lagerfeld’s belief in the beauty of simplicity. The sleek silhouette and delicate embellishments of her gown reflected Lagerfeld’s understated elegance. Wen’s choice showcased her poise and sophistication, evoking the essence of Lagerfeld’s timeless aesthetic.



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