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A very special introduction to Modeliste’s Empowerment issue by Christina Milian.



Hello and welcome Modeliste readers!

It is with great pleasure I have the opportunity to be this month’s Chief Editor of Modeliste Magazine. It is, quite simply, a dream come true. With that said, I would first like to say “thank you”.

For years, I was so afraid to use my voice to evoke change. Fear of rejection, close-mindedness or the powers that be silencing me for having an opinion that didn’t count. However, as of late, thanks to many strong women before me and within this generation— I see women finding their voice. I have been able to use my platform to not only inspire, but to be a valuable place for knowledge. Now, I am unafraid to be outspoken & am taking necessary steps towards fighting for our rights and the rights of others. I get butterflies just thinking about it. 2020 has thrown many of us for a loop, but my optimistic side reflects on this and can see us on the other side stronger, wiser, enlightened & more united.

To all the women reading this, if you don’t know by now, know your power! We are such beautiful creatures. Our experiences give us the capabilities to accomplish so much and create the answers for change. As the oldest of three girls, I was taught to take accountability for my actions and to be a good example. Sisterhood is an unbreakable bond that binds us. I have since been able to implement this into my business motto, my teachings as a mother and my friendships. It’s the foundation of my integrity.

As a first generation LatinX Cuban-American woman, I have experienced many inequalities and want to say thank you to those who may not relate to my race, but have empathy for our daily challenges.  Through the inequalities we have experienced as women, we understand the gap and mistreatment we adhere to, but also understand we are the enforcers of change for the better. Being vulnerable is one of our best assets. Women are capable of being strong leaders, and I’m so happy I get to witness such major triumphs in my lifetime.

As a veteran of the entertainment business, I can only hope that I have and can continue to inspire women & LGBTQ+ from all over that they too can be something.

You are important. I stand beside you. Let’s continue to guide each other into greatness, peace and love.

Christina Milian

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