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This holiday season, the shinier the better. Get holiday ready with these chic, stunning, unique jewelry pieces that will instantly add some seasonal sparkle to even the simplest ensembles. Jacqueline Nicole Brown’s timeless, sleek, one-of-a-kind shapes, textures and colors offer the most inspirational and coveted designs. Jacqueline Nicole Brown’s beautifully iconic line with its arty, delicate and trend-setting styles always makes an eye-catching statement. We absolutely adore being adorned in her collections. Modeliste had the amazing opportunity to catch up with this iconic designer, and here’s what she tells us about her latest designs and what we can look forward to in her Fall/ Winter and Holiday collections.



What makes JNB unique in the industry is that my designs and concepts stem from my own essence.  The brand is my name which reflects who I am.  I design every piece with the idea of wanting women to feel comfortable and confident in their own skin.   Which leads to creating and setting the trends not becoming one.  One of my accounts, The Rosary Room, summed up the essence of my designs when she said, “When I wear JNB, I feel as if I am wear the jewelry, not the jewelry wears me”. This statement captures exactly how I want women to feel when they wear Jacqueline Nicole Brown.   




My last collection was inspired by natural elements that promote healing through stones.  Jewelry is very personal. It gives me a way to subtly add the things that shape who I am into my everyday life and wardrobe. I like to work with materials that provide healing by weaving them into chains and metals to create a beautiful original piece. I deigns with elements and properties that move my soul. My last collection “Stone Goddess” had a very big impact.  I have always been known for my beautiful stone creations. This last collection is a classic I continually get to add to and reinvent time and time again.  It is what defines JNB.  


Top Holiday/Winter Accessory Trends


I feel as if 2015 Holiday/Winter accessory trends are going to be very eccentric.  You are going to see wide, embellished pieces that make a specific statement.  Great for cocktail holiday parties as a single statement piece.  I personally will probably stick to a lariat with a plunging neckline and keep it subtle sexy.  Just more my style.

Rules to accessorizing.


There are many rules to live by when accessorizing.  I think the most important rule is to keep everything cohesive.  Don’t wear tribal mixed with classic simple.  If you do not feel comfortable with an accessory, don’t wear it.  You will look as awkward as you feel.  


How to do the perfect jewelry layering.   


The best trick to layering is keeping all the necklace in the same style/family.   Then stagger your layers so they all hit at different lengths.  Even if one is a half inch above another.  Let them fall almost like a domino effect.  Then, just add and keep adding.  Staggering gives you that dramatic statement feel without having all the weight and cumbersome feeling of one big necklace.  Also, use different chains.  A mix of different textured chains makes a beautiful look.  


Style Icon.

I obviously love Rachel aka Rocky, our cover girl this month. I think she has made a brand in herself with her boho-beach style.


Overall, my favorites are Kate Moss and Victoria Beckham. I look to them for my personal fashion diaries. Zoe Kravitz is my new favorite; I can’t get enough of her.


Three must-haves this season.


  1.  A velvet turban
  2.  A gothic inspired mesh dress
  3.  An oversized eccentric faux fur jacket ideally in burgundy or electric blue.


Why you love Modeliste Magazine.


I love Modeliste Magazine because it is an exclusive yet relatable place for me to find the most unique creators and innovators in the fashion game today.  


– Jacqueline Nicole Brown


Connect with us:  @jnbstyle

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