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Your Best Foot Forward: Body and Sole Comfort



Sizzling summer nights beckon your hottest high heels. The summer party season means countless occasions on which to wear all those sparkly, impractical, towering heels we lust over. Finally, Modeliste fashion editors found the perfect footwear accessory we now all swear by from Body and Sole Comfort. The innovative, reusable gel foot cushions have proved you can now get through the night in your sexiest stilettos without winding up as the barefoot girl on the dance floor. We went straight to the source to find out what makes these cushions the ultimate fashion muts-have.
The inspiration.

I watched a doctor inject silicone into the ball’s a woman’s foot to create more padding to alleviate pain from wearing high heels. I thought the injections were extreme and costly and there must be a more effective and economical way to address this problem that tens of thousands of women experience each day. This inspired me to create a washable and reusable gel foot cushions that adhere directly onto the foot or shoe which mimics our body’s own cushioning.

What is Body and Sole Comfort?
It’s really quite simple; Our washable and reusable foot cushions act like a part of your body when adhered to the foot. They will not slip or move. This allows our foot cushions to move naturally with every step.

Unlike other foot cushions, our patented Lily Pad gel foot cushions can adhere directly to various areas of the foot. As stated above, they will not slip or move when adhered to the foot. This unique flexibility provides a personal level of comfort that is not felt with other foot cushions.
Body and Sole Comfort gel foot cushions stay in place all day long.

Why wear Body and Sole Comfort foot cushions?
The primary benefits of wearing Body and Sole Comfort gel foot cushions is the alleviation of foot pain that can arise from wearing various types of shoes. Our gel foot cushions act like our body’s own foot padding and absorbs shock while transferring pressure from the foot to the gel cushion, alleviating foot pain.

Wear and care.
Simply wash the gel foot cushions with soap and water, then let them dry. Once dry, the gel cushions will become sticky again, ready for their next use.

What’s next for the line? Any new launches?
Watch out for additional cushions coming out in late 2017.

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