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Bliss in Bahamas IT-Girls: Jeanne Grey



SLS Baha Mar
Photographed by DOMINIC PETRUZZI

Jeanne Grey

Describe your Instagram page in three words.
Woman empowerment, genuine, relatable

What makes your feed so unique?
My feed is me. It’s not the trend, the popular or the curated. It’s less of that and more transparent to show my audience that reality is there no matter the highlight reel.

What is your favorite part about being an influencer?
I get to meet beautiful souls all around the world, create a life that is inspiring to myself and to an audience who dreams like I do in hopes of inspiring them to bring those said dreams into fruition when their time comes. Those have got to be my most favorite parts!

How would you describe your personal fashion style?
My personal sense of fashion style is a marriage of vintage frills and modern simplicity while mixing masculine and feminine to blur those in between lines.

Where do you get inspiration for your photos?
90% of the time, my inspiration comes from the locations themselves. There is so much history in these places through their architectures and demographics that you can’t help but be moved by those. Nature also plays have huge role in my imagery. I love combining the beauty of the elements of nature like water, wind and fire into my photographs. You can’t go wrong with mother nature’s gifts.

We partnered with Pixi for our Mode Around The Globe Bahamas Influencer Getaway, so you were able to try a few of their amazing products. Tell us about what you love most about the Pixi line.
Pixi’s lip balm has been a staple in my purse as an on the go-er. Getting the chance to try out the rest of their products like the T-zone mask was such a great opportunity to get to know the brand more. I love how simple Pixi products are. Zero frills, straight to the point and very effect! I am obsessed.

Which product was your favorite?
Such a tough question! If I were stranded in an island with only 1 Pixi product, it would have to be the glow lotion! \

In the Bahamas we stayed at the SLS Baha Mar. Tell us about your overall experience at the property and what you loved most about this particular hotel.
Every corner was picturesque or in layman’s terms, #instagrammable! As luxurious as the property was, it still gave that down to earth island feel that one would look for in an island stay!

What was your favorite part of the trip?
It’s quite difficult to pick when we got to experience top of the line chef cuisine, impeccable beaches, stay at a luxurious resort and work with astoundingly wonderful people. I would pick the newfound friendships that were created on trips like these to be my all time favorite part!

Why do you love Modeliste Magazine and our Mode Around the Globe Getaways?
Modeliste Magazine is a magazine that is unlike the rest. It inspires the everyday woman like my audience and myself ! Having gone on this #ModeAroundTheGlobe getaway has shown me how much work they put into curation these beautiful experiences while keeping it extremely fun and professional at the same time! Mode Around the Globe has opened up my eyes to meeting new creatives all around the world and given me new friendships along these trips while putting together luxurious content for top of the line brands! It can’t get any better than that.


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