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Coco Plum Island Resort



All senses are immediately awake and alert. The sparkling Caribbean cyan waters, the intense sun illuminated azure blue sky with the cloud studded horizon muting distant islands gives a mere glimpse of what is to come. With the salt spray of the crashing waves against the boat, and with exciting speed we approach the growing green speck before us. Minutes fly by and suddenly a collective breath at the quiet instant when we glide to the dock and the Belize island retreat of Coco Plum Island Resort where we are welcomed as the newest guests to its shores. The attentive staff greets the boat’s arrival at the dock with the Coco Plum Island Resort signature cocktail, ‘Mosquito’, with its refreshing bite, and the friendly revelry of the other arriving couples instantly assures a wondrous experience.  We are gathered together and escorted to our brightly colored cabanas, a raised bungalow with expansive east facing porch, surrounded by swaying palms and tropical gardens dotting the pristine raked sands. The 18 cabanas are strategically placed on the small island. We had arrived at the southern tip, where the office, spacious indoor restaurant with maximized ocean views, expansive outdoor terrace dining area, and a circular open bar with numerous bar stools and a cozy seating area are the hub of the island. Looking up, the bar’s interior roof is encircled with a whimsical collection of colorful T-shirts donated by guests with personalized graffiti-like messages – a promising invitation to a fun-filled stay.

Coco Plum Island Resort has been recognized by TripAdvisor as the 2018 #1 Belize Hotel, Small Hotel and #1 Best Service in Central America, #2 Most Romantic hotel in Central America and #7 World Most Romantic Hotel, #4 world best hotel, #9 world best service. Accolades like these are sought after and intriguing. What makes this tiny Belize island getaway in the south of the Caribbean Barrier Reef the stellar winner in so many categories? Modeliste has discovered the secret of Coco Plum Cay magic, and it is actually quite simple.  If there is a guide for a winning romantic island retreat, the Coco Plum Island Resort has ticked all the boxes. Simple comforts in a beautiful setting with sincere, friendly, attentive, personalized service. Options for an intimate romantic retreat, an engaging connection with your partner and the opportunity to meet with spirited couples of all ages ready for fun. Coco Plum offers a range of activities designed to satisfy the adventurer, the romantic, the social, the karaoke lover, and any combination imaginable. Healthy dining with a creative Belize cuisine rich in fresh fruits and vegetables delivered daily and prepared with a pleasurable variety of flavorful combinations.

It takes exceptional romantics to create this winning vision. Michelle and Emilio were inspired by their mutual love of their island paradise, discovering what is truly important in building a perfect retreat. The path to realizing their dream began with 3 cabanas, now grown to 18, plus a designer 3 bedroom, 3 bath villa for friends or family to share. They have cultivated a dedicated staff that demonstrates an enjoyment of their work, their guests, and their mission. For this they have been rewarded with TripAdvisor’s highest honors. A reminder that It Is Simple, because it is not all about posh, or bells and whistles. At Coco Plum Island Resort there is no TV, no pool, only Wifi to stay connected. Comfort is ensured with service and all the essentials, cabanas with cooling cotton bedding, top of the line mattress, spacious bath with walk in shower, relaxed seating area, dining table, coffee maker and microwave, and AC. The porch is designed for relaxing, reading and daydreaming, or indulge on the beachside couples daybeds or sun loungers. Happiness and satisfaction guaranteed.


The culinary skills of Chef Jude make each day’s menus a special delight. The culminating impressive dining experience was the fresh catch of the enthusiastic fishing group which she transformed into an incomparable extended dinner shared by all. Her unique presentations ranged from blackened, grilled, and spiced, to a fresh lemon caper sauce. The preparations were divine, the servers delightful, and the fish stories made for an exceptionally entertaining evening.

At Coco Plum Island Resort, honeymooners, couples celebrating love and life, milestones and memories, and couples seeking adventure are finding their Belize Bliss… snorkeling, diving (including courses and certification), fishing, kayaking, paddle boarding, Hobie Cat sailing. Couples find a true escape, romantic seclusion, private beach, a spa retreat, and a fun loving atmosphere while sharing activities or enjoying the friendly and entertaining bar scene. The bar is the hub of the resort with Caribbean rum specialties, creative frozen tropical treats, and traditional favorites prepared by entertaining Ervin and his mixologist antics. Whatever activities you choose, whatever your dream escape to romance or adventure, at Coco Plum Island Resort it’s simply wonderful. Wishes come true here… a private sundowner cruise to enjoy viewing the sunset over the Maya Mountains, a romantic candlelight dinner at the end of the pier, an adventure excursion to the mainland for an adrenaline raising Zipline above the rainforest canopy, and unique cave tubing experience. Other mainland day tours include the Mayan ruins, a Belize City tour, or the Belize Zoo for close-up viewing of local wildlife, jaguars, monkeys, snakes, tapirs, toucans and macaws.

The newly built Spa features two perfectly designed teakwood treatment rooms, a couples and a single room, overlooking a sheltered sea view, plus a gazebo for an outdoor option or after massage relaxation. The professional massage therapists offer a range of body treatments from Swedish to deep pressure, ultimate relaxation and aromatherapy. The Yoga Platform is positioned to maximize your salutation to sea and sky, connecting through your routine to body and soul. The next addition will be a fitness center, already poised for construction. Unrivaled snorkeling and diving beckons sealovers to the dazzling Belize reef. A short distance from Coco Plum Island Resort, gardens of purple fan coral are home to an infinite variety of colorful tropical fish. The beautiful sighting of a family of manatees grazing on seagrass, rays gliding, an occasional nurse shark, a curious sea turtle, lobsters and conch, are breathtaking encounters making unforgettable memories.Partnering with the Sea to Shore Alliance, Coco Plum Island Resort is dedicated to protecting sea life and the coral reef, the fragile ecosystems and vulnerable island shorelines.  Projects regenerating coral and educating locals and guests on the impact of global warming and pollutants are important missions. Protecting the Antillean Manatee population of approximately 1000, the largest in the world, and their natural environment, is a significant contribution and guides demonstrate a reverence and respect for their roles as caretakers and guardians of this spectacular wealth of Belize.


To experience Coco Plum Island Resort is to completely immerse yourself in an island paradise.


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