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Danielle Lombard Modeliste Influencer Getaway to Chic Mansion



Photographed by Logan Hill

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Danielle grew up to find success as a young business woman while maintaining a balance of lifestyle, wellness, and travel.  Danielle grew her platform after starring on season 21 of The Bachelor and remains true to herself in an interchanging world, empowering women daily.


Modeliste: Where are you from? 

Danielle: So, I grew up in Danville, California. Right now I live I in East Los Angeles. 

Modeliste: How did you begin your career as an influencer? 

Danielle: So, I got into being an influencer because the modeling agency that I worked for in New York realized that it was an up-and-coming platform, so we’re actually required to start an Instagram and then it slowly developed throughout the years.

Modeliste: What is the easiest and hardest part of being an influencer? 

Danielle: I think the easiest part about being an influencer is really just being able to highlight hobbies and interests that you really care off or are passionate for. I think one of the most difficult things about being an influencer is sometimes making yourself stand out in an industry that’s become really saturated over the years.

Modeliste: Can you tell us about some projects you have been working on? 

Danielle: So, the latest projects that I’ve been working on is I’m trying to get more in the video space, so I’m starting to see a lot more videos and tutorials coming out. And I’m also working on a product line. So, I’m coming out with some functional fragrances and it’s a company that’s all about building up and empowering other women. And hopefully, I’ll be launching that by summer.

Modeliste: What three words would you use to describe yourself?

Danielle: Three words that I would use to describe myself are dynamic, dependable, and daring.

Modeliste: How would you describe your personal style?

Danielle: I think my personal style is definitely very California casual for the most part, but I do enjoy dressing up here and there.

Modeliste: What hobbies take up most of your days? Hobbies that take up most of my days. Well, currently, everything going into my product line, but I love just experimenting with skincare products and I love to cook.

Danielle: What is a product you cannot live without? I like products that are minimal and easy skincare routines for women on the go. Definitely cannot live without a good chapstick.

Modeliste: What is a lesson you carry in your everyday life?

Danielle: Probably, I consider it really cheesy, but just treat people the way you want to be treated.

Modeliste: Name a movie that has made you laugh the hardest and cry the hardest.

Danielle: Oh, wow. Movies that have made me laugh the hardest. Definitely “Stepbrothers.” Crying the hardest, I would say “The Notebook.” I think my spirit animal is a fox, because we’re really able to quickly adapt to surroundings.

Modeliste: Would you consider yourself an extrovert or introvert?

Danielle: Oh gosh, I definitely consider myself an extrovert. I’m a social butterfly.

Modeliste: What is your favorite place you’ve traveled to?

Danielle: So, my favorite place to travel is definitely in Japan. I think it’s my favorite country that I’ve been to so far. It’s just so different and culturally diverse and I love the food out there.

Modeliste: What is a place you’d like to travel to?

Danielle: One place that I would really love to go is Istanbul.

Modeliste: What has been your favorite part about the Modeliste getaway? 

Danielle: My favorite part at the Modeliste CHIC Mansion Getaway in Punta Cana was definitely our day at the boat. It was so much fun. Super clear skies and, yeah, we just had a great time. 

Modeliste: What do you love most about Modeliste Magazine? 

Danielle: What I love most about Modeliste Magazine is bringing together a group of influencers and girls that maybe I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to meet otherwise, and just having a really intimate travel setting. I felt like that those were my favorite parts.

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