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Designers We Love: Golden Thread



Designers We Love: Golden Thread


Golden Thread, designed by Jennifer Welker aimed to redefine and provide a fresh take on classic monogrammed jewelry. Through a classic luxe line of customizable jewelry,  Golden Thread takes inspiration from architectural and historical shapes and combines classic icons with a modern juxtaposition of personalization and style. Modeliste had the amazing pleasure of catching up with lead designer and founder, Jennifer Welker to chat accessory style, season must-haves and what is on her radar this season.


Ritzy Arrow Cuff


M: What inspired your latest collection?

Jennifer: I was so very inspired by the architectural lines of the Chrysler Building and its “jewel-like glass crown”. I kept sketching and photographing the Art Deco influence of the building and the lines of the triangular vaulted windows. The pyramidal shapes of the Chrysler Building brings an edgy-type-freshness throughout my summer collection. I typically design pieces that are completed with a brushed finish, but this season, I worked more with leaving the metals high polished and shiny; perfect for the light-and-bright-season.

Ritzy Double V Ring


M: What did you see as the top 2015 fashion accessory trends?

Jennifer: For jewelry, attention to detail, stacking and of course always living by the slogan, “more is more”!





M: What would you say is one of the most defining and playful fashion pieces for women?

Jennifer: I think that a versatile, cross-body, colorful handbag is one of the most playful and style-defining pieces a woman can highlight and use in her wardrobe.


M: What inspires you in creating some of the season’s hottest and most trend-setting styles?

Jennifer: I find inspiration from all over. My husband Ellis and I traveled everywhere before we had children and still try and make it a priority! We travel to London quite a few times a year and I’m always so enamored by the architecture. Same goes for Paris. Seeing some of the most iconic and influential architecture is actually where I draw the majority of my inspiration from in addition to historical pieces, adding a fresh appeal.


For example, my maiden name is McKenzie, which dates back to Scotland. We have a family crest and this year, we introduced a crest to the line. The clover shape that’s seen in the charms on our new bangles and earrings is timeless, and was actually inspired by Big Ben (in London) and The Louvre (in Paris), as the clover shape is seen in this historic architecture.

Without my Southern upbringing, I wouldn’t be who I am today. My ladylike and traditional values have inspired my collection’s southern charm and personalization, while incorporating timeless trends.




Style_151GF copy copy

M: Are there any rules to fashion you live by?

Jennifer: That there are no rules!


M: How do you use social media to build your brand?

Jennifer: Using social media has helped us to grow and to engage with our followers; to connect and to share my creativity with those that engage with us.  It’s an incredible relationship that’s developed among social media and building my brand. It’s one of the most important tools we use to put out information, news, press, events, new styles, etc and have an enthusiastic, interactive response back!


M: Best advice you’ve ever received?

Jennifer: My mom used to tell me growing up that “I could do anything I set my mind to”….I just never really believed that was true until launching my business and seeing what came of my passion, hard work and perseverance! Norman Vincent Peale has a famous quote that could not be more inspiring or true to me….”Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.” Aim high is the best advice I’ve ever received.

BR240GF copy copy



M: Greatest success or achievement with the brand?

Jennifer: I always admired the Middleton style, so I took a risk and sent Pippa Middleton one of the monogrammed pendant necklaces. I knew there was a 99% chance she wouldn’t even receive it, but there was the 1% chance she may. I saw her in the necklace and I couldn’t believe it! It turned out that there were several photos of Pippa wearing the necklace because she wears it so often.Grateful for her launch of my business into the spotlight!


M: Style Icon.

Jennifer: Coco Chanel of course!


M: How would you describe your personal style?

Jennifer: My personal jewelry style is “more is more”. I love love love delicate jewelry, but I am a total stack-a-holoic!!! I don’t just wear one of my dainty rings…I wear six or seven on one finger. I love to take my designs to the extreme a bit…throw on five or six bangles…mix the metals and shapes…I think wearing a variety of tones and mixing the rose, yellow and white gold pieces really updates and modernizes the classic feel of my line while showing your individuality.


M: Life’s Theme Song at the moment.

Jennifer: Taylor Swift – “Style” – I’m sweet on Taylor at the moment because she’s wearing my pieces in this month’s issue of Vogue Magazine! 🙂

ER180GF copy copy

M: Why you love Modeliste Magazine.

Jennifer: I love the incredible edge of inspiration and influence it has on fashion’s top trendsetters and it’s biggest players!




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