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Jewelry Gift Guide



Jewelry Gift Guide
Gifting jewelry can be a rewarding experience, and not just for the recipient! Choosing the right piece of jewelry for your loved one can be challenging, but the effort is well worth it when you see their face light up. That said, it’s still a difficult task. If you’re having trouble choosing the right jewelry piece for your loved one, check out our jewelry gift guide for tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your purchase.


A pair of earrings is always an excellent gift. They can often act as the perfect complement to any outfit or style. The following earrings are those that will ensure that your loved one gets the most out of your gift. They are extremely versatile pieces that can be styled with thousands of different looks.

• Diamond Studs: – Oval and square-shaped faces are especially well-paired with diamond stud earrings. These earrings accentuate the curves of these faces with a complementary glint of sparkle. Additionally, diamond studs are among the most affordable options available, especially when designed using lab-created diamonds.
• Hoops: These earrings are extremely versatile and customizable. You can play with hoop earrings’ shape and size, from small hexagonal hoops to large round ones. There are endless opportunities.
• Huggies: These earrings have a low profile, as their name suggests they hug the ear to offer an understated look. They are the perfect complement to a statement necklace. Moreover, adding diamonds to a huggie earring gives it a more sophisticated look that is difficult to replicate.


Bracelets are the perfect gift for loved ones that have more of an understated style. Bracelets can act as the complement to an understated outfit and pull a look together. Be sure to consider other options for a loved one that works with a keyboard or with their hands all day. A bracelet might not get as much use for them. That said, if you’re having a hard time choosing the right bracelet for your loved one, check out these options.

• Tennis Bracelets: Tennis bracelets are elegant and sophisticated. Not to mention, they’re made to be durable. When giving a tennis bracelet as a gift to be sure to double-check the sizing. You don’t want it to pinch or fall off.
• Cuffs: Cuff bracelets are rigid closed or partially open bracelets typically adorned with diamonds or other jewels. These make for the perfect everyday bracelet. If you’re looking to add a more personal touch, engraving is also possible!
• Bangles: Bangles are making a big comeback. These rigid bracelets are made of metal in the modern era. You’ll find them in gold, platinum, sterling silver, and more. To give bangles a more bold look, they can be encrusted with jewels such as diamonds.


Gifting a ring to a loved one doesn’t have to be reserved for marriage proposals. In fact, a stylish ring can be a great gift for any occasion! They’re often unobtrusive jewelry pieces that can be worn daily, and if they are made from durable materials (think: platinum or gold), they’ll stand up to general wear and tear! Here are some rings to consider adding to your shopping list.
• Stackable Rings: As the name suggests, stackable rings include multiple rings designed to layer on top of one another. Many wedding and engagement rings are designed as a stacked pair. However, stacked rings don’t have to be uniform. Different band widths, metals, and stones can make for a unique, eclectic statement.
• Eternity Rings: Eternity rings are meant to symbolize never-ending love. That’s why they are the perfect gift to give this holiday season. They are perfect for any loved one. Play around with the metal tape and the jewels in an eternity ring, and you can create a ring that’s tailored to your loved one’s style.


If you’re searching for that perfect piece of jewelry that your loved one can get tons of use out of, then a necklace might just be the way to go. A necklace can go with pretty much any outfit and the diversity of styles to choose from gives you plenty of options to find something that fits them perfectly. Here are a few of the most popular styles of necklaces:
• Diamond Pendants: The best thing about a diamond pendant is that the chain on which it hangs can be easily switched out depending on preference. Pendants come in tons of styles from a simple single diamond to an intricate cross.
• Stacked Necklace: One of the biggest trends in jewelry right now is the stacked necklace look. Although this started from individuals layering multiple necklaces at once, jewelers caught on and started designing single pieces that include multiple layers to give the illusion of multiple necklaces.
• Lariat Necklace: This type of necklace does not contain a clasp of any sort but instead ties within itself. Lariat necklaces are often more casual in style but can usually be adjustable in length, giving them tons of versatility for outfit pairings.

Final Thoughts
Make this holiday season one for the books by giving the gift that keeps on giving. Presenting your loved one with a gorgeous piece of jewelry this holiday season is a sure way to emphasize just how much you love them. Good luck!

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