Editor-in-Chief, Amy McCabe Introduces the August Issue



This month’s issue includes a number of stories that focus, in one way or another, on courage, identity and self-image. How we regard ourselves, how we feel about who we are, is reflective of many factors and facets of our individual lives. The talent featured within our pages, all have exemplified the courage to break barriers, to open oneself to vulnerability and discovery and to express their creativity and unique gifts wholeheartedly.

Courage is an essential element to opening new paths, new experiences. It takes courage to question, to break with predefined destinies and concepts. Courage to dare, even when no one else believes or understands. Courage to dream and to shape what is dreamed. Whether it comes to you while deep in meditation, driving in your car, during a walk or sound asleep, our dreams can take many forms and inspire us in so many ways. So keep dreaming because when we dream, there are no filters or limits to creativity.

Welcome to the issue.

Amy McCabe

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