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Editor-in-Chief, Amy McCabe Introduces the February Issue



The Love issue.

In honor of Valentine’s Day, we dedicate this issue to shining a light on how we, as women, are reclaiming and collectively reflecting and prioritizing how to be gentler to ourselves, practice self-love, self-care and body positivity. Through our own acts of self-kindness – which ultimately transcends to universal kindness – we are cultivating a more peaceful, more equal, more sustainable world and will hopefully find ourselves living a more beautiful one because of it. We are all the heroines of our own stories.

Our incredible cover star Gisele Oliveira’s journey from Brazil to becoming an internationally acclaimed model is the very embodiment of pursuing your dreams and paving your own path. She shares with us that the best compliment she has ever received was “that I have a beautiful heart. That to me counts more than any other compliment!”

Self-love and the love which we allow ourselves to unabashedly honor within ourselves is our common thread- its beauty, its optimism, its power, its resilience.

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