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Editor-in-Chief, Amy McCabe introduces the January issue



As this issue goes to print, we are well and truly in the festive season. Deadlines, parties, running on adrenaline to get to the finish line—I’ve forgotten how much I love the end-of-year buzz and festive holiday celebrations which follow.

This year Modeliste was fortunate enough to immerse ourselves once again in overseas travels, taking us to destinations such as Bali (see our favorite hotels in our Ultimate Bali Guide), Turkey, Morocco, France, Tanzania, Kenya, Antigua, Belize, Curacao, The Hamptions, Mexico and Panama. These were all moments to savour the power and creativity of storytelling through different mediums, cultures, landscapes, cuisine, and art through the lenses, empowering and inspiring women.

In 2023, we hope to continue to bring you more awe-inspiring stories from around the world in celebration of each of our own creative uniqueness and significance standing on a global stage.

From myself and the Modeliste team, here’s to taking some precious time out with loved ones to relax, reset and recharge for the year ahead.

Amy McCabe

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