Editor-in-Chief, Amy McCabe Introduces the July Issue



Welcome to Modeliste’s Summer Social Icons Series.

It is always very exciting selecting the cover of a magazine. Finding the right models or celebrities that effortlessly combine an idea of beauty and style, inspiration and realism, while also capturing the spirit of the times. It’s about gathering a spectrum of viewpoints, of life experiences and intriguing personalities who work hard and are dedicated to their craft.
I truly believe a cover should encapsulate a message of hope and go above and beyond just a pretty image. In our Summer Social Icons, we celebrate women who have used their platforms for positivity, inclusiveness, creativity, and change. The cover stars we have chosen have a particularly meaningful and transformative social impact in society in general and use their creative space and social media pages to empower others. We hope this will inspire you to use your voice to inspire and empower others as well.

Amy McCabe

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