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Editor-in-Chief, Amy McCabe Introduces the June Issue



It is a privilege to introduce this special issue of Modeliste as we continue to celebrate creative visionaries, diverse voices, and world renowned talent. Our cover star this month may be the best reflection of the broad appeal of Modeliste. Chris Appleton is a maverick as an artist in his many fields of interest and success, an impressive figure by any standards. He brings a creative vision of beauty and style to the world of fashion with his signature covetable and iconic celebrity hairstyles, wide ranging talents, unique perspectives and dynamic personality. Chris embraces life with an energetic passion for innovation and creativity in all he does, as a stylist bringing beauty in form and fun creating the hair we desire, as a sophisticated and versatile model, and currently in his pursuit of a career in acting. In this issue, Chris shares with us his journey of becoming a top celebrity hairstylist, the sources of his inspiration, his most memorable celebrity hair moments, and his top hair product must-haves. He also gives us a peek at what we should be looking out for in his exciting new endeavors. Chris is as gracious as he is charming, funny and honest, and is a Modeliste true creative visionary.

Welcome to the issue.

Amy McCabe

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