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Editor-in-Chief, Amy McCabe introduces the June Issue



This Summer, creativity and inspiration has taken a newfound importance. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us will spend these warm-weather days at home. There are many stories to be told and Modeliste is committed to telling them. We all feel anxious, grappling with their new, surreal, stay-at-home, socially distant normals in cities across the globe. We are separated from loved ones and uncertain of our future. What we do have though, is the need to create, to feel a part of something meaningful, to share our personal journeys, relate to one another and to realize the importance of self-care. It is with that in mind, we bring you the Creativity issue.
In this issue of Modeliste, our Cover shoot with television personality, model and actress, Hannah Ann Sluss was shot remotely, following the new socially distancing guidelines. Our world renowned Photographer, Sarah Krick was in Florida while Hannah was at-home in Los Angeles. This is a true testament to our ability to adapt and be creative in times of change, challenges and adversity.
Elsewhere in the issue, our monthly Mode Around The Globe, transitioned to our Mode At-Home Self-Care and Self-Love “virtual” getaway with our favorite Influencers showing us how they have passed this time, stayed healthy and positive and continue to inspire and create for their fans. Plans that aren’t canceled: self-love, self-acceptance, motivation, empowering one another and feeling strong and beautiful.
Welcome to the issue.

Amy McCabe

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