Editor-in-Chief, Amy McCabe Introduces the June Special Issue



Summer is in full bloom, and for this issue, that means looking ahead to the excitement and innovation of the season; be it flowing sundresses, sexy swimwear and the ubiquitous sun-kissed glow. Summer is my favorite time of year, when days seem to be their most glorious and hot sultry days melt into breezy evening bliss. All in all, it creates quite the inspiring setting of the energy and exhilaration which flourishes across the world.

Anyone who loves the art of fashion should also be as inspired as we are by our cover star Meredith Mickelson who we quickly came to adore on our Cover shoot at Hodges Bay Resort & Spa in Antigua. In her interview she discusses the pressures and pleasures of her modeling career and what’s next as she emerges on new paths and exciting adventures. We cannot wait to follow along!

I hope you find a beautiful space, cradled by sunlight, to read this issue of Modeliste.

Welcome to the issue

Amy McCabe

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