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Editor-in-Chief, Amy McCabe Introduces the May Issue



Exploring the shared landscape of fashion and art has always been at the heart of Modeliste and central to our own creative endeavors. Our profound engagement with art extends beyond the features in this and every other issue of Modeliste, as we are committed to providing an outlet for our Photographers, stylists, hair stylists, makeup artists and graphic designers to celebrate, support and showcase their artistic expression. In this issue of Modeliste, we took to the ocean and set sail with our Cover Star, Daniela Braga. When asked in her interview how she defines happiness, Daniela stated that to her it is the ability to have “ Freedom – in life, in love, and in your career. When you have freedom you have happiness.”

The inspiration of our brilliant editorial team and Photographer, Sarah Krick, brought this story to life and further enhanced our commitment to bringing imagination and storytelling to our pages.

Welcome to the Issue
Amy Mccabe

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