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Editor-in-Chief, Amy McCabe introduces the October issue



The Autumn season is in full swing. From fashion month runways, street styles to opening our own closets to repurpose and restyle for fresh new wardrobe changes, it’s an exciting time of year.

As seen in our trends section and fashion features, there’s no better representation of ‘feelgood’ Fall fashion than the shade of the moment; hot pink. Thank you to Valentino for painting our lives with it for the foreseeable future. Find out how this color can make our favorite beauty trends pop this season elsewhere in our fashion and beauty pages.

Modeliste aims to combine thought-provoking, journalism with inspirational fashion and beauty for smart, discerning women like you. We celebrate the stories of women either in the pages of the magazine, on our social media feeds, or at any of our inspirational events or Mode Around The Globe Icons Getaways. At the heart of Modeliste is a real belief in the power of women to make a difference.

Our cover star is the eminently cheerful and absolutely gorgeous Charlotte McKinney. The model turned actress’ upbeat energy and positive outlook is both charismatic and infectious. Read her Model Diaries interview to find out her latest projects and what she loves most about Fall.

Fall is certainly fabulous!
Amy McCabe

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