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Editor-in-Chief, Amy McCabe introduces the September issue



A celebration of Empowerment

When I think about women’s empowerment, I am always brought back to the quote from writer and filmmaker Nora Ephron, “Above all, be the heroine of your life.” It’s a simple yet powerful reminder to always stride with confidence. In life, the challenges will be plentiful, but the most important thing is to remember that you can always empower yourself to write your own story. You are the main character and can act accordingly.

In this issue, our cover model and main character, Lucy Hale speaks to the ability to empower oneself, and of the need to take the steering wheel and not hand it over to chance. As a leading actress and signer, Lucy continues to use her voice for positivity, creativity and optimism.

For our double cover, we had the opportunity to explore the wild, majestic, vibrant and charasmatic worlds of Istanbul and Marrakech. I would personally like to extend a special thanks to Turkish Airlines for being such gracious and welcoming hosts and showing us the most specitacilar gems throughout the city to capture in this shoot.

Elsewhere in the issue, Modeliste features an abundance of women who have, and continue to pave new paths offering unlimited inspiration and aspiration each with their own main-character energy. What’s most important is to note that most of them didn’t do it alone – that they had the support of other amazing women (and men) who encouraged them, cheered them on, celebrated them. When we all work together to empower one another, a beautiful and meaningful life story can be achieved by everyone. We can all be heroines of our own story.

Welcome to the issue.

Amy McCabe

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