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Exclusive: Cover Stars Nicole & Larry Interview Each Other



The Interview with Nicole Williams-English & Larry English
Photographed by KEVIN BERRU
Digital Editor SARAH KRICK
Hodges Bay Resort & Spa, Antigua

Devotees of star studded romance have watched with delight the romantic journey of Nicole Williams-English and Larry English as their careers crossed paths with rendezvous from Canada to Tampa Bay, through their much anticipated engagement in 2016 and dazzling wedding in 2017. Social media loves a love story, especially when a beautiful and talented model and a talented former NFL player and entrepreneur are the real life stars. Together this much admired power couple has captured a loyal fan base of over 2 million Instagram followers. Nicole, best known for her immensely successful modeling career, designer of Nia Lynn fashions, her engaging life on social media, and starring role as a TV personality for the E! show, Wags; and Larry, a great success as an entrepreneur, and star as a TV personality for Wags as well, which was based on the wives and/or girlfriends of sports stars. Today the couple resides in Los Angeles with their two Frenchies, Jasmine and Ace. Their appreciative fan base of followers engage in their cute family photos, fur babies, and insights into their relationship and life together. Modeliste Magazine hosted this fun loving couple at Hodges Bay Resort and Spa in Antigua, West Indies, for their very first cover shoot together. In this beautiful Caribbean setting, Modeliste had a unique chance to get to know Nicole and Larry in a special up close and personal way and had them create their own questions and ask one another for their exclusive interview.

Nicole: As we had a wonderful stay at beautiful Hodges Bay Resort and Spa with Modeliste Magazine, we now thought it would be really fun to actually interview each other. So I’m going to ask Larry some personal questions about me. We’ll see how good he knows me. And then I’ll ask him some personal questions about himself. Are you ready? So, first question, where do you see yourself in 10 years?
Larry: Man, that’s a heavy question. Thought they would be light questions. But, in 10 years, I see myself blissed out.

Nicole: You’re what?
Larry: Blissed out.

Nicole: Blissed out?
Larry: Blissed out. Happy, peaceful, joyful. And 10 years from now, hopefully, by that time, I’ll figure out how to fully live this life and be happy.

Nicole: Okay. You’re not happy now?
Larry: I’m happy now.

Nicole: I told you to be careful with these questions.
Larry: Up and down though. Number one, I think you started out with a good one. So where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

Nicole: Ten years from now, I see myself obviously being an even stronger, smarter, wiser business woman. I envision us having about three kids. Living, maybe in Florida, by the water, and my company, Nia Lynn, being one of the most amazing and successful companies. And of course being on the cover of Forbes.
Larry: I like it.

Nicole: At what point in your life and where was it that you just had something so unreal happen to you, and it’s probably the biggest wow of your whole life so far?
Larry: The one that sticks out in my mind is the day that I got the phone call to be drafted into the NFL, because that was a lifelong dream that I had. And it all kind of culminated from receiving that one phone call.

Nicole: The day you got drafted?
Larry: Yeah, it was good.

Larry: So we just went on a trip with Modeliste Magazine and had so much fun. What was the best thing about that trip and your favorite moment?

Nicole: Oh my God, it’s so tough, because I had so many amazing moments! I would say that I hardly ever really face my fears when it comes to things I’m super, fearful of. I just usually X them out of my life and don’t approach them at all. So, I think one of my best experiences was when I walked down a ladder from a dock into the ocean which was full of stingrays. I felt so recharged when I got out, because I walked in that water thinking holy shit, I’m going to die. And then when I got out of the water, I felt so enlightened. I really just overcame a huge fear of mine, and I had so much fun while I was in the water. I was terrified when the stingrays were bumping into my legs and swimming around me. I was literally petrified, but I had so much energy filling my body, I was so excited and so happy I could explode.

Nicole: Next question, Ok, what is your most favorite trait about me? Just one.
Larry: Your genuine loyalty. I feel you are a completely genuine person and a loyal person.

Larry: For you, what was the low, the most challenging moment of our trip to Antigua?
Nicole: I would say the most challenging moment and the lowest of that trip was having to spend two days without bags. I had no clothing and not even a toothbrush or deodorant. And we had to push our shoot date back. So I would say that was the worst. Who wants to have lost bags? Everything else was amazing though!

Nicole: Next question. Do you know my sign?
Larry: I’m bad with signs, but yeah. Scorpio.
Nicole: It’s tattooed on me.

Larry: Since we’re in the Christmas season, what is your favorite activity to do during Christmas?
Nicole: My favorite activity is watching Christmas movies. That is my absolute favorite thing. Light the fireplace, put on Home Alone and I get right into the Christmas spirit. Nothing makes me happier than waking up and watching Christmas movies over the holidays.

Larry: What’s the most annoying characteristic about me?
Nicole: Your OCD drives me mental. He literally just washed his hands.
Larry: I just wash my hands a lot.
Nicole: Like a thousand times a day, I don’t know. It’s just the weirdest thing. He hates dirt.
Larry: It’s a pandemic.

Nicole: Would you consider yourself a mama’s boy?
Larry: I feel like I am close to my mom. Yes.
Nicole: Which I love about him, he’s so close to his mother.

Larry: What’s the best characteristic about me?
Nicole: I love how nurturing you are. He is literally the best. When I’m sick, when I have a headache, if I get a little sliver in my finger, if I stub my toe, he’s literally, “Oh no baby, what do you need?” I guess that could be bad too, because I take advantage. Like if I stub my toe, I call, “Oh, babe,” and he comes running. So I think I overreact. And I’ve probably cried wolf a few times now because of you, because you’re so nurturing,

Nicole: What date did we get married?
Larry: May 19th.

Larry: What is your favorite holiday?
Nicole: Halloween. No-brainer. I love Halloween. I love, love, love anything scary, dressing up, any horror movies. I’m a horror movie freak. I’m a Halloween baby. So Halloween’s definitely my favorite.

Nicole: What is my favorite food?
Larry: Pizza.

Larry: What are your top three horror film suggestions?
Nicole: The Exorcism of Emily Rose freaked me the hell out. Hereditary- that was scary. And I’m going to say another movie that’s not necessarily a horror, but it really freaked me out because I’m really crazy about extra-terrestrial stuff, like aliens, so the Fourth Kind was amazing, and freaky as hell.

Nicole: If you were to have one meal every single day for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Larry: Cheeseburgers.

Larry: If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?
Nicole: I would go to Egypt. I really want to see the pyramids. I find it super interesting, the history behind those pyramids, how they got there, and the writing on the walls and some of the really ancient ones. So I think I would like to go there.

Nicole: If we are able to one day soon travel to the moon, would you take a trip to the moon with me?
Larry: Yes.

Larry: If there would be one thing that you want to change or improve about your health?
Nicole: Worrying less about things that I cannot change. I can’t predict the future, so I need to stop worrying about it. And I can’t change things that have already happened. So I need to stop worrying about that too. So live in the present, and less worrying.

Nicole: Movies- horror, or comedy?
Larry: Comedy.

Larry: What is your favorite pastime, thing to do?
Nicole: Honestly, I would like to be able to fit in more days that I can spend with animals. I know that’s one thing that makes me super happy. I don’t think about any stress when I’m around animals. So I feel like if I could volunteer or go to shelters and just take the dogs for a walk, play with them, that would be amazing. I’m my happiest when I’m around animals, and of course with you, babe.

Nicole: What book have you read recently that you have taken something important from and implied it into your life?
Larry: Guruji. The book is about this practice of yoga and the yogic postures that I do on a daily basis now. It’s been something very beneficial for me and I would pick that book because that book has in essence a lot of tips on how to approach this modality.

Larry: What is the thing that you do in your work that you find the most value and satisfaction in doing?
Nicole: The instant picture that flashes in my mind is how I’ve touched so many other people, like my followers. I have two million followers on Instagram who, in a lot of ways, a lot of those young girls look up to me, whether that is about relationship advice, or styling, or beauty products. I find it really cool that I’m able to share all of the things that I feel I’m an expert on. I’m not an expert, but I like to share it with my followers.

It all comes in a full circle, like with Nia Lynn. When I design, and the customers buy my clothing or my swimsuits, and when they love them, and they make them feel confident and feel good, and I get feedback, “Oh my God, I bought this suit and I’m going to come back and buy more because they fit so well. Thank you so much.” Or, “Hey, I tried that beauty product, I tried that skin cream that you said worked really good on dark spots and it changed my life. Thank you so much.” I just feel when you ask what is my favorite part of my job, it’s definitely the connection I have with my followers and fans and everybody who takes time out of their day to come and look at what I’m doing. I feel like the connection I have with them, that’s my favorite part.

Nicole: What is the most annoying part about being married to me?
Larry: You know already.
Nicole: What?
Larry: My wife, I don’t know if you call it a lack of being able to multitask, I think it’s probably debatable. She has her phone in her hand, and I’m speaking, and she’s nodding, I just know she’s sending me off. She’s not hearing, she’s not listening. She’s not consuming any of the words that are coming out of my mouth. Oh yeah, yeah, yeah.
Nicole: I get it.
Larry: Far off look.

Larry: In your opinion, what is the one best activity that LA or surrounding areas have to offer for somebody that doesn’t know the city?
Nicole: The one thing… the beaches, I think that we have really cool boardwalks and beautiful beaches. I mean, we have so many beaches, when we go to the beach, we always go to a new place every time, We keep finding new beaches to go to. It is so cool that you can come to California, and we’re not one of those island places, but we still have really cool sandy beaches. Also, Runyon Canyon. People come here to hike up Runyon who are not even workout people or hikers. You just go up there for the scene, for the view. Going to Abbott Kinney and Venice is really cool as is Malibu.

Nicole: Do you think I’m a good cook?
Larry: You are a good cook.

Larry: What is your favorite restaurant in town?
Nicole: My favorite restaurant absolutely hands down is Giorgio Baldi.

Nicole: What is your favorite dish that I make?
Larry: The soup she makes is killer- it’s a vegetable soup.
Nicole: I wanted to give everybody the recipe, but he told me that there is no recipe to my madness.

Larry: Disneyland, or Disney World?
Nicole: Disney World, of course.
Do you foresee us raising a family here in LA, or would you like to raise a family somewhere else?
Larry: For the time being, I think it would be in LA.

Larry: What is your favorite show on TV right now?
Nicole: Handmaid’s Tale is my absolute favorite show. It’s so good. If you haven’t seen it, you have to watch it.

Nicole: Do you want children?
Larry: Yes.

Larry: If you had one thing that you would want to implement, add to your daily life and do it every single day, what would that one activity be?
Nicole: I would say exercise, because I feel like I work out when I have something coming up and when I feel like I’m falling off and I need that extra push, but I don’t implement that in my life on a daily basis. I think that I could be healthier, I could be a healthier human being if I worked out and exercised on a weekly basis, or daily basis throughout the week, and made it a habit. And so that would be a part of my lifestyle. But right now I just work out when I feel like I need to, versus knowing that it will be beneficial to my life if it’s a part of my lifestyle.

Nicole: When we first met, did you instantly think that she’s going to be my wife? You can be honest. I won’t get mad at you, I promise.
Larry: No, but I’ll give you the background. What I did think though, was I started to envision what it would be like to be in a relationship with you. So that I did think about, but me at age 25, I wasn’t thinking about, let me find my wife.
Nicole: He was a baby when we met.
Larry: A 25-year-old.
Nicole: And I was a grown woman.
Larry: She lied about her age. I did envision what it would be like to be with somebody like you, to be in a real relationship.
Nicole: That’s so sweet. That’s really sweet. Well, that concludes our interview.
Larry: We enjoyed this hour that we spent with you guys. Can’t wait until next time.
Nicole: Yes. We can’t wait to share our Modeliste cover with you!

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