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5 Pairs of Summer-Perfect Sunglasses for the Beach and Beyond

No matter how much time you spend picking out the perfect outfit, the quickest—and easiest—way to stand out from the crowd is with a great pair of sunglasses. This summer promises to be full of sunglasses which are anything but incognito. There’s no better time to invest in a new pair, and we caught up with the founder designer of the ultra-hip label, Brightside Eyewear, Kevin Pugar, to view their latest collection filled with the ultimate inspiration and the season’s coolest styles. Here, we found our favorites that will have you stylishly shaded all summer long.

Tell us about the Brightside sunglasses label.
At Brightside, we focus on quality, craftsmanship, and style; but that doesn’t mean affordability has to be thrown out the window. I’ve always loved a good pair of sunglasses, but I got fed up paying such an outrageous amount for them. So I set out to create a brand that offers designer-quality sunglasses without that insane price tag. It’s also really important to us to give back, so Brightside donates a portion of every pair of sunnies we sell to two awesome charities!

Who is the ultimate Brightside Eyewear girl.
Being in Los Angeles, it’s easy to get that kind of romanticized image of the Southern California girl with the relaxed, beachy lifestyle, but I think LA girls are so great with how well they can switch or blend that with an urban style, a more dressed-up look, or whatever. LA is such a melting pot that gives us an amazing representation of all walks of life, and I try to use that to help inspire our frames. I would say the Brightside girl simply owns her unique style, and of course likes to accessorize with great sunnies!

What makes your sunglasses so unique?
The quality for the price. Brightsides aren’t like those cheap $20 sunglasses you get off a giant rack. These are the real deal. We use premium acetate, stainless steel, and quality hardware on our frames. What makes us even more unique is that we use mineral glass lenses instead of plastic. Very few brands use glass, and I never understood why. Glass makes the frame feel sturdier, provides for optimal clarity, and is way more scratch resistant than plastic.


OR1-1 – $75 / $90 polarized –

What was the inspiration behind the latest collection?
I’ve always been a huge fan of the classics, and our first collection is definitely inspired by some of the quintessential styles and colorways that belong in everyone’s arsenal. I also wanted the frames in this line to be unisex so that guys and girls can both rock them. As new lines come out, there will be even more classic styles with our own twists, as well as some more gender-specific designs.

What are your Summer Brightside Eyewear style must-haves?
Even though pretty much all sunglasses could be considered must-haves during summer, I will say that I especially love the Orville frame with the blue mirror lenses this time of year. They scream fun and sun. I think the Oxford in vintage light brown also gives off a specific summer-y kind of vibe.

Why do you think sunglasses are the ultimate fashion accessory?
Your face is the first thing people notice when they look at you. You want your sunglasses to make a statement, whether it’s strong or subtle. They give you the perfect opportunity to top off your outfit that no other accessory can do. Besides, is there anything else you wear that makes you look and feel as cool as your sunglasses do?

What do you think your sunglasses say about your personality?
 A lot! Your frame style can give off an aura anywhere from sophisticated, to boring, to classy, to high maintenance. Whether you’re someone who is constantly burning through cheap sunnies, or you’re the type of girl who wears the more gaudy frames that cover half your face, it definitely says something about your personality.


OX1-1 – $75 / $90 polarized –

What are your tips to picking out the perfect pair of sunglasses?
Make sure you pick a style that suits your facial structure. Round faces should go with a more squared off frame, and boxier faces should go with a round frame. If you’ve got an oval or triangle face, you pretty much can’t go wrong. Decide whether you want a plastic or metal frame, if you prefer frames without nose pads, and if you want standard or polarized lenses. Also make sure the quality and materials are up to par. Don’t settle for cheap, but definitely don’t overpay. You’ll want to keep it fresh by having at least a few different pairs in your rotation. Above all, just wear what feels right!


WI2-1 –
$75 / $90 polarized –



OR1-1 – $75 / $90 polarized –


CO3-1 – $75 / $90 polarized –


OX4-1 – $75 –

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