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Fabulous Fun Facts with Cely Vazquez




Interviewed by Justine Ndiba @justinejoy312

Justine: No consequences for a day. What’s the first thing you’re doing?
Cely: Running into a Disney Star Wars store and stealing all the lightsabers.

Justine: Wine or tequila?
Cely: Tequila all day, every day, baby.

Justine: You could only choose one to do for the rest of your life: Wear your rings or bedazzle your face?

Cely:I don’t have my rings on right now because I’m going to go swimming. I’m going to do life things, then I can’t wear my rings, and I would rather keep them protected and bedazzle my face. Everything else can hold.

Justine: What’s the one thing you can talk about for hours?
Cely: Myself.

Justine: You can only save one, me or ICY GRL.
Cely: You.

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