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Fabulous Fun Facts with Uche Nwosu



Uche Nwosu

Interviewed by Nicole Amber @niicoleamber

Styled by Merritt Rea

Nicole: Beach or snow?

Uche: Beach. Beach, beach, beach.

Nicole: Dog or fiance?

Uche: Dog. Hands down. Dog.

Nicole: Lip gloss or lipstick?

Uche: Lip gloss.

Nicole: Chicago or California?

Uche: The Midwest vibe is so close to my heart. I’m going to have to go with Chicago.

Nicole: Colors or neutrals?

Uche: Neutrals.

Nicole: Flats or heels?

Uche: Heels.

Nicole: Natural or full glam?

Uche: If I could do full glam, I would say I like full glam done by a makeup artist, but if I had to do it myself, I’m going to have to go natural.

Nicole: Adventure or relaxing vacation?

Uche: I love to relax. I love a good relaxing moment for myself. Let’s relax. Let’s chill out. Let’s be playful. Let’s be playful together.

Nicole: Tequila or vodka?

Uche: Tequila.

Nicole: Silver or gold?

Uche: Gold. All the way.

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