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Finding your Venus Sign Style



Written by Madison Bailey

Did you know that you can use astrology to discover what aesthetics, colors, makeup, and styles suit you best? That’s right, the perfect style for you is literally written in the stars. The Venus placement in astrology rules over beauty and aesthetics, and can tell you everything you want to know about what styles naturally fit you. Even if you’re new to astrology, tuning in with the magic of your Venus sign can be easy. Whether you’re trying to find your perfect personal style or just looking for some new inspo, find your Venus placement on your birth chart and take a look at our style recommendations for each of the signs!

Aries Venus
Those with Venus in Aries exude all the qualities of a trendsetter. This placement loves bold colors and eye-catching patterns. Every fashion decision they are making is a statement! If this is your placement, consider adding some colorful, daring pieces to your closet. You thrive in reds, purples, blacks, and blues. Lace fabrics and faux leathers are also a must have for your fiery aesthetic.

Taurus Venus
Venus is the ruling planet of Taurus, making it one of its favorite signs to be in–lucky you! Your strong Venusian energy probably causes you to go for a luxurious and grounded style. Looking stylish most likely comes naturally to you, so you care more about comfort and effortlessly beautiful pieces. Since you love the natural look, go for hues of green and pink. Feel your way around a store to find fabrics that make you comfortable and cozy.

Gemini Venus
You’ll know when you meet a fashionable gal with a Venus in Gemini. Their style has a cuteness and fun to it that is unforgettable! This placement loves to have a wide collection of playful pieces that can serve in multiple ways. They like items that are typically considered girly, and are never afraid to rock pieces that make them stand out. A Gemini Venus looks great in funky prints, handmade knits, and their colors are cool pinks and pale yellows.

Cancer Venus
There’s something very tender and wholesome about Venus in Cancer. These individuals love all things feminine and glow in the most timeless pieces. If this is your placement, try adding cozy sweaters and classic staples to your wardrobe. You shine in floral patterns, soft pastels, and have a soft spot for silky textures.

Leo Venus
Leos are known for their dramatic actions, and the same can be said for the style of a Leo Venus. This placement loves edgy and striking pieces, and they enjoy adding a statement piece to whatever they’re wearing. Although they gravitate towards bold styles, they excel in curating the perfect look without overdoing it. Consider going for sheer fabrics, bold chains, and deep purples and reds if this is your placement.

Virgo Venus
Virgo Venus loves a put together, effortlessly beautiful look. These individuals might be obsessed with clean lines and live in neutral colors that put them at ease. Venus in Virgo has a keen eye for all sorts of detailed designs and interesting pieces, so if this is your placement, shop for cool colors and luxurious fabrics.

Libra Venus

Venus is also the ruling placement of Libra, so those with this placement find it easy to be fashionable. Venus in Libra is obsessed with everything aesthetically pleasing. This placement has a preference for creative, avant garde pieces, and holds a great ability for picking out gorgeous items. If this is your Venus sign, go for soft pastels and silky textures.

Scorpio Venus
When your Venus is in the water sign of Scorpio, you exude a seductive and sensual style. People with this placement tend to go for blacks and reds, and love an alluring pattern. A Scorpio Venus should consider cut out pieces and items that show skin, along with velvet and silk textures to match their aesthetic.

Sagittarius Venus
This Venus sign is all about keeping their style light, fun and easy. They give off the ultimate cool-girl vibes due to their love of making trends their own and adding their own personal flair. They love mixing tastes and styles, and thrive in fun oranges, bright reds, and electric blues.

Capricorn Venus
When Venus is in the sign of Capricorn, their wardrobe reflects their love of structure and modernism. Capricorn Venus gals love an edgy look, so they tend to gravitate towards cool colors, deep blacks, and high quality textures. This placement loves items that can last in their closet, which usually means they are attracted to high-end brands and pieces. If this is your sign, go for those luxury items!

Aquarius Venus
Venus in Aquarius reflects the most original, eclectic styles. With this placement, one might enjoy strange color combos and interesting patterns. An Aquarius Venus loves color, and their closet most likely reflects that. When shopping for an Aquarius Venus, think of all things unique and thought provoking. This placement especially loves blues, greens, yellows, and purples.

Pisces Venus
A Pisces Venus loves the dreamy and romantic aesthetic. This placement is attracted to carefully crafted pieces that connect with them. They also love to have cute details on their pieces, and always go for anything that’s soft and flowing. Venus in Pisces individuals look beautiful in lace fabrics, sequined pieces and light blue hues.

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