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Four Seasons Hotel Instanbul


Istanbul, Turkey

At the crossroads of history, where empires and religions have been defined, cultures have clashed, and time has been immortalized in architecture, Istanbul holds a singular position in geography and civilization. There is a unique wonder and privilege to walk this land where Alexander the Great once stood, this iconic land bridge between Europe and Asia traversed by armies and pilgrims, eons of conquerors and conquered. Once known as Constantinople, this intersection of faiths and fortunes offers an enlightening glimpse into the time capsule of world history, its ancient monuments and markets, ports and amalgam of peoples stand as symbolic tribute to all who have passed before and left their mark on the culture we are here to discover and enjoy.  Significantly, a natural waterway divides the land bridge forming the link between the landlocked Black Sea and, ultimately, the Aegean and Mediterranean Seas. The Bosphorus Strait serves as the divider of continents, Istanbul sprawling both sides, its Eastern shore Asia, the Western shore Europe. Poised at this iconic crossing and destination,  Four Seasons Hotel Istanbul at the Bosphorus hotel represents the ultimate confluence of Turkey’s past and present.

Once a landmark 19th Century Ottoman Palace with stunning views of nearby Suleymaniye Mosque, the Blue Mosque, and famed Spice Market, in 2008 the Palace was converted into a modern hotel and the exclusive luxury Four Seasons Hotel Istanbul at the Bosphorus became its revisioning. Breathtaking Bosphorus views, elegant garden terraces, extravagant lobby and well appointed guest rooms and suites, signature Four Seasons amenities and unrivaled sophistication highlight this truly palatial hotel experience. Standing at Istanbul’s most prestigious location, Four Seasons Hotel Istanbul at the Bosphorus offers distinctive Turkish grand design with furnishings that encompass heritage and modern comforts. Elements of historic Turkish culture resonate in art and decor throughout the halls and walls, executed with style and panache. The expansive guest rooms and suites offer sumptuous comfort featuring the luxury of renowned Turkish cotton linens, plush towels and robes, marble baths, high end amenities, Plasma TV, CD and DVD players, stocked bar and fresh fruit accompaniments.

The impressive tiled Turkish baths, the Hammam, enhance the memorable Spa experience beyond the spacious elegance encompassing 10 treatment rooms, indoor and outdoor pools, whirlpool, sauna and steam rooms. The full service massage and body treatment menu offers guests the ultimate experience from facials to aromatherapy, deep tissue to ayurvedic. The state of the art Fitness Center is complete with cardio equipment, weights, and access to a personal trainer. Golf is nearby if you need a break from all the sightseeing.  Four Seasons dedicated staff meets the varied needs of business travelers, event planning, and family touring.


Dining at Aqua is a highlight of your Four Seasons stay. Beginning with the breakfast buffet that overwhelms with its fare of tantalizing dishes, an olive bar, fresh baked breads and pastries, and extraordinary omelets. Lunch and dinner features a span of Mediterranean cuisines with Turkish specialties, rich lamb dishes with savory spices, fresh fish prepared with select sauces and seasonings, and Italian favorites. Succulent delights, signature favorites, select wines, and the finale of desserts that are worth the wait….photo op presentations are unforgettable. Istanbul is a vibrant destination, its must see sights and experiences are numerous and breathtaking. The imposing history of this crossroads of civilization is a cultural panoply of wonders interspersed with impressive modern growth. Best viewed from the vantage point of a sunset cruise on the Bosphorus, the reflective glow of renowned domes and minarets with the skyscrapers of the cityscape beyond are awe-inspiring.

World Heritage sites beckon within the Old City with architectural wonders, the Hagia Sophia, famed Blue Mosque, a Byzantine Era Christian church built on the site of an ancient Greek temple, now one of Islam’s most sacred mosques. Highlights of Istanbul  touring were the stunning historic Suleymaniye Mosque, the Hippodrome of Constantinople, the amazing subterranean Basilica cistern, the Galata Tower and, for power shopping, The Grand Bazaar. This is the ultimate international shopping destination where bargaining is a fine art and mesmerizing sounds and colors dazzle – Turkish jewelry, fine carpets, arts, antiques, leather goods, and beyond. The Spice Market is the boisterous, bustling, second most significant Istanbul Bazaar where generations of traders have engaged locals and travelers in the traditional small shops with displays of Turkish delights, colorful sweets, baklava saturated in honey, aromatic spices and herbs, dried fruits and nuts, jewelry, seductive scarves, and endless souvenirs. Lovely cosmopolitan areas surprise and fascinate, exemplified by the Taksim area where exhibitions celebrate the different cultures, representative arts, and varied ethnic cuisines, and the hip Karakoy center is booming with the colorful, bohemian cafe scene for Turkish coffee and tea plus street art and people watching. Absorbing the infinite wonders of Istanbul and its surrounds, this intersection of ethnic groups and cultures, its centuries of rich history and center of architecture, is an extraordinary experience, best savored with the expert guidance and recommendations of Four Seasons Hotel Istanbul at the Bosphorus wonderful concierge staff. Explore and discover.


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