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Fresh Summer Faces: Mindful Sunscreens to Try Now



Written by Madison Bailey

SPF— It’s the most important part of your skincare routine, so how do you find the right one for you? 

It starts with knowing what’s good for your skin, and what’s safe for our environment. There are so many factors that are important when looking for an everyday facial sunscreen, with the main two (in my opinion) being that it’s effective at protecting the skin, and it’s able to blend—whitecast free. 

As you’re heading to the beach this summer, try to seek out those products that are reef-safe and cruelty free. After all, most sunscreens contain toxic ingredients that can harm marine life and our coastal environments. 

With all this in mind, it can be a little overwhelming to shop for the perfect sunscreen, so I did the work for you.


  1. Manda 

Beautifully bottled in a bamboo container, Manda’s packaging alone is enough to make you want to purchase their sunscreen. But their product is even more pleasing! With an Spf of 50, their formula is ideal for all active outdoors-y folk. Think surfing, hiking, and swimming. The inspiration from this formula comes from tried and true Thanaka wooda sustainable ingredient that serves as a sun protectant, so you know you’re getting the best defense! 

  1. Supergoop 

Unlike a lot of natural sunscreens, the Supergoop Mineral Mattescreen builds easily, spreads easily, and does not leave you with a sticky white cast that blocks your pores. A bonusthey have a ton of options for all skin types and textures. So if you’re going for a sheer glow rather than a matte finish, they’ve got the spf for you. With any of their sunscreens, you should always feel confident that the ingredients are not harming your oceans or your skin! 

  1. Coola

COOLA’s sunscreen products are some of the safest out there. In addition to using seventy percent organic ingredients, COOLA offers a wide array of different spf based products. Their ‘Classic Face Sunscreem’ is a light-weight lotion that feels hydrating, without feeling heavy. And their ‘Mineral Matte Tinted Sunscreen’ is a truly beautiful BB cream infused with sun protection. 

  1. Vertra 

Vertra was founded in Hawwaii back in 2004. These guys are experts when it comes to safe, long lasting sunscreen, all due to the founders backgrounds in the surfing and cosmetic industries. Vertra is also the official suncare provider for the Hawaiian Lifeguard Association, so you know the “Vetra Sensitive Sunscreen” will be a go-to product when you’re looking for something that can stand hours in the ocean! 

  1. TIZO 

Ending our list, TIZO offers protection from the sun in the form of 100 % mineral sunscreens and tinted moisturzers. Their beauty products are safe for the environment, and even better for your skin! Seriouslyyou’ll want to wear their lightweight formula all day, every day. Best known for theur Ultra Zinc Body & Face Tinted Spf, you’ll always feel clean and protected by this gentle yet effective sunscreen.

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