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Get More Than Just a Sweat: Hydrow



In these days of isolation, when our homes have had to stand in for our favorite studios and gyms, finding the perfect home equipment has been a challenge in itself. Fortunately, Hydrow provides the latest wave of results-driven at-home workouts which promise to deliver a better body—and fast. From calorie-blasting boot-camp sessions to strength-building and pilates classes, Hydrow is the best all-round fitness strategy to helf you stay motivated, healthy and toned.

Rowing just might be the most efficient exercise ever. A big part of rowing is core strength, which each stroke, you’re getting a complete body workout with your arms, legs and abs. Rowing is a full-body exercise, keeping the heart rate elevated along with a strength-training component.

Hydrow is an innovative and unique way to immerse yourself in an authentic at-home rowing workouts that brings invigorating exercise and the beauty of the water to you.

Live Outdoor Reality™
Stunning visuals and real life sounds elevate your workout, bringing the water to you, wherever (and whenever) you want.

Diverse Workouts
Hydrow has hundreds of live and on-demand rows to suit your mood and your needs. And with new workouts filmed daily, there are virtually endless ways to work out with Hydrow.

Team Dynamic
Let the power of your team propel you forward. Look to your Hydrow Athlete for guidance and motivation, and lean on your teammates for strength and support.

Making a Difference
When you row 60 days with Hydrow, a donation is made to in your name granting long-term access to safe water for one individual in the developing world.

A Multisensory Approach
Hydrow’s 22″ HD sweat- and dust-resistant touchscreen gives you the perfect vantage point. High-quality, front-facing speakers project the athlete’s instructions and high-energy music, capturing the sound of every stroke, wave and splash along the way.

Expertly Crafted
The perfect intersection of form and function, Hydrow’s designed for optimal performance. Its aluminum frame and ergonomic body make it sleek and sophisticated, while commercial-grade components ensure that it’s built to last.

Smooth Operator
Ergonomically designed to be smooth and quiet, Hydrow is equipped with an industrial-grade webbed strap, making each stroke frictionless and virtually silent. Say farewell to seat soreness — the 10-roller system seat is perfectly cushioned for support and comfort.

Digital Precision and Flexibility
Hydrow’s electromagnetic drag mechanism is computer-controlled, resulting in a smooth rowing experience that’s the closest thing to being on the water.

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