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Janessa & Company’s line of indulgent organic beauty line is known for its nourishing properties, seductive scents, luxurious, velvety texture, and skin-softening effects. It’s no wonder that A-list celebrities are flocking to this brand which caters to both men and women,  giving way to a full-on sensorial experience with nourishing and softening results. Founder and creator, Janessa herself gives Modeliste the scoop on what inspired this deliciously, luxurious yet simplistic line we love and her tips for radiant, hydrated glowing skin.


What it is.

Janessa & Co. is an organic line of beauty and grooming products for women and men. Our line and branding has a focus on simplicity and charm. At the drawing board, we decided that we wanted to create products that only evoke sensual notes that are found in nature, such as citrus, rose, hibiscus, lavender, coffee, and cedarwood to name a few.    




Janessa & Co. is committed to offering clean ingredients and giving back with every jar. I believe this is what sets Janessa & Co. apart in such an illustrious industry. Most recently, we partnered with Dressemeber, a movement leveraging fashion and creativity to stop human trafficking. Innovation is something that we talk about often at Janessa & Co. We are committed to providing only the highest quality goods to our customers.




In college, I began reading product labels more carefully and decided to make beauty care products for friends and family – from ingredients in our kitchen and from plants found outdoors. It all came very naturally, including entrepreneurship. I was inspired to further the mission of eco-entrepreneurs before me with a line of high quality products as well as giving back to others..




I love that beauty trends are continuously evolving. One of my favorite trends right now is the blend of bold colors, such as a red lip and a blush that compliments your natural skin tone. More people are demanding eco-friendly products in all aspects of their lives, including their beauty routines, and I see that more brands are coming to that realization.


Rules of Beauty.


Drinking hot water and working out regularly has changed my skin and body for the better. I also swear by moisturizing my skin at night with Janessa & Co. Vanilla and Bergamot Moisturizer.


Best advice.


Give to yourself as much as you give to others – It’s easy to get caught up in everyday life, but it’s more important to value your relationships with those who matter the most and take care of you.  


Bragging Rights.


I’m most proud of our partnership with local stores in the San Francisco Bay Area and our link with like minded brands such as CAUSEBOX. Being asked to participate at an Academy Award event has been a major highlight. It shows that our product can reach the attention of those in fashion, beauty, and entertainment.


Beauty Icons.


Zoe Saldana and Joy Bryant always look flawless.


Must-haves products.

Bare Minerals “The Secrets Out” Blush

secrets out bare minerals

Janessa & Co. “Vanilla and Bergamot Moisturizer”


Janessa & Co. “SHE by J \ A” Body Fragrance



Bare Minerals “Rise Up” Lipstick

bare minerals rise up

Janessa & Co. “Sea Scrub”

Janessa-Sea Scrub



New Year’s Resolutions.


I usually set goals every few months. I’d love to get through advance ice skating lessons, learn programming languages, and travel to Marseille or Brazil in 2016.


Coming Soon.


We have lots of exciting plans for 2016. I’m looking forward to our move towards the home space. Be on the lookout for home fragrances and cleaners.  


Why you love Modeliste Magazine.


I love Modeliste Magazine’s focus on high fashion and couture as well as their commitment to featuring new and upcoming designers and brands such as ours. Modeliste never fails to deliver quality content that appeals to every woman and man interested in fashion and beauty.   


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