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Hair Extensions 101



Hair Extensions 101: The Most Innovative Extensions You Need Now

Invisible Bead Extensions
Extensions are the easiest and quickest way to add major length to your hair, but that’s not all they do. They can also add volume and luster to fine hair, colorful dimension, texture, body and movement all while looking incredibly discreet. Seriously: The latest hair extensions are more natural looking than ever before. But like many things in the world of beauty, extensions can be as intimidating as they are enticing. Ahead, we ask the Founder of Invisible Bead Extensions (IBE), Mckenzie Turley about her most innovative A-List celebrity favorite extension line and how her patented installation techniques create seamless, healthy, naturally beautiful hair.

Mckenzie Turley

How would you describe the overall concept of IBE?
Invisible Bead Extensions was created to solve issues in the hair extension industry to provide safe and healthy installs for clients with advanced education and mentoring for the stylists confidence. What started as an education program has turned into a worldwide network of like minded stylists all with one thing in common: safe and luxurious hair extensions for their clients.

What makes the line so unique in the industry?
ONE was created for the stylist AND client in mind. While many micro wefts have been created for stylist ease, we found through research that these wefts were causing issues for clients due to weight. ONE was created for the ease of the client to be able to air dry and not worry about the long term havoc that moisture can ensue on handtied wefts. And it was created for the stylist to have unlimited options for color placement, weight distribution and ease of customization without any sacrifices to the health of the install. We also have a beautiful texture option which includes a wave that is natural by origin and will allow all clients to air dry their natural wave with this texture for the most effortless looks.

Can you tell us about how and why you created the line?
ONE by IBE® was created out of a need for a sustainable solution for clients who live in humid climates and have active lifestyles. The IBE® method is safe for all hair types, but what we found is that the hand tied wefts were not always the best option for all clients and lifestyles. Therein birthed the concept to create a line that is both durable and lightweight for the client and stylist alike.

Where did you draw your inspiration from when creating this new and innovative line of extensions?
Our community of stylists is unparalleled. We have an internal communication platform for all certified stylists in our Boost program to be able to communicate any and everything related to installs with IBE®. In this community we found stylists desperate for another solution to customizing placement as well as giving their clients a weft option that would be durable for all lifestyles and activities. Not only did we need to create a solution, but we wanted it to be as easy as possible for our stylists to mix and match our hand tied and micro weft options, so we made all of our weft collections alike in length, width and weight so there is no more guesswork needed creating customized looks.

What are the benefits of IBE extensions compared to other extensions?

The benefits of IBE® versus other methods, well the list is long! But to keep it simple, we pride ourselves on the integrity of our methodology, never cutting important corners for the sake of time, and maintaining excellence at what we teach with our education. The method was and is designed to offer the safest installations possible. What starts with our method however, does not end there. Our community of stylists support each other in various ways and have found deep long lasting relationships in the name of IBE®.

What goes into the extensive training your stylists receive?
Stylists in our education program have access to 20 video modules that go deep into training every aspect of a healthy install. Included with your certification videos is a manual to guide you along as well as one of our most important assets: a mentor. You will have access to our highly trained mentors with vast experience on our method and educating you so you feel proficient in our methodology. Stylists also receive a state of the art tool kit with everything they need to start installing the method. We include color rings for our hair lines and provide the stylists with the best of best in extension kits.

With their certification, we also include a full day of hands-on training at our Education Center in St George UT. After a stylist receives their virtual certification, they are invited to schedule a hands-on training where they can continue their training and get the corrections and critiques they may need in person. We understand the need for both in person training and mentoring when it comes to truly learning the art of extensions.

How are IBE extensions installed?
That’s proprietary and you’ll have to apply to know how! Haha!

How long do the extensions last?
The answer to that question is entirely dependent on how the client will take care of them at home! The average lifespan of wefts are 6-12 months.

What is the best way to care for the extensions?
The best way to care for our extensions is to listen to your service provider! They will guide you on all the proper at home care guidelines. To set you up for success would be to use all Goldie Locks® Hair care and supplements to ensure a healthy and happy scalp. We would also suggest to make sure you are washing and brushing thoroughly to make sure there are no tangles or matting. Lastly, make sure your extensions are hydrated to ensure the longevity of your hair care.

Where can we find an IBE stylist?
We have a stylist locator tab on our website – Click Here
We have stylists with different designations, based on their level of IBE education.

Any new upcoming launches or products you can share with us?
We are always innovating and growing at IBE® and we are so excited to share some amazing things coming later on this year, including more inclusive education for the industry. Right now we would love to send all licensed stylists to shop the new hair line ONE by IBE® and browse our products and tools!

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Stylist Spotlight:
Haley Haxton is a bicoastal stylist working in Sarasota, FL and Los Angeles, California specializing in Invisible Bead Extensions. Realizing that Invisible Bead Extensions truly was the shift of the industry back in 2019, she went full throttle and is now a Platform Artist, Color Educator and Social Media lead where she coaches on the latest hair trends. You may have seen her extension and color work featured in music videos, magazines and at the Grammys. She prides herself in the transformation of the women in her chair all while maintaining their hair health.

Haley Haxton


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