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Modeliste Magazine works with the world’s most iconic brands to organize authentic Influencer Marketing Getaway Campaigns.

Modeliste Magazine is the number one source for style and fashion trends, artistic product presentation, beauty tips, and luxury travel destinations carefully curated and sourced through a group of industry creatives and influencers from around the globe.

Work with Modeliste’s Influencers

What is an Influencer?

Anyone that has a strong fashion, beauty and travel influence, with an extensive reach – i.e. followers, fan base, engagement, credibility, and strong media coverage.

Partner with Modeliste Magazine Influencer Getaways

The optimal way to maximize your brand’s social media exposure and engagement is through our customized Influencer Marketing Agency LA Package.
Modeliste “Mode Around The Globe” Influencer Getaways are the premier marketing agency for top brands showcased in exciting trendsetting destinations.

As one of the pioneers of visionary Influencer Getaways since 2015, Modeliste Mode Around The Globe has gathered an impressive roster of top-ranked:

  • style bloggers
  • social media influencers
  • top international models
Work with Modeliste’s Influencers
influencer models on a photoshoot

Modeliste Magazine partnering will

  • Increase exposure and actual sales
  • Access curated roster of Influencers
  • Get you featured on
  • Improve content engagement
  • Create lifestyle context for your products
  • Cultivate relatable and aspirational imagery
  • Build consumer trust
  • Connect with professional team behind the scenes
  • Create authentic, innovative, and relevant imagery
  • Generate brand engagement through Influencer postings
  • Generate fixed priced campaigns
  • Ensure Social Media performance tracking
  • Promote brand awareness
  • Enrich content strategy
  • Improve your search ranking
  • Generate high quality leads
  • Drive sales and conversions
  • Reach new audiences and grow your social media following
  • Effectively reach your target audience and demographics
  • Customize presentations with every detail personalized by individual Influencers

The Benefits of Partnering with Modeliste and Influencer Getaways

Modeliste Magazine is a trendsetting celebration of style and fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and luxury travel featuring highly sought after international destinations.

Influencers are invited to journey with Modeliste across the globe to exotic destinations, Five Star beach getaways, and premier resorts. Destinations include:

  • Morocco,
  • Kenya,
  • Tanzania,
  • Costa Rica,
  • Turkey,
  • Anguilla,
  • Bahamas,
  • Jamaica,
  • Aruba,
  • St. Maarten & St. Barths,
  • Mexico,
  • Panama, and
  • the Dominican Republic, to name a few.

For Modeliste brand partners, these unique marketing Influencer Getaways capture current trends and aspirations tailored for this fashion conscious, social media-savvy demographic. Modeliste presentations are professionally photographed and display partner brands in a luxurious artful setting.

Top international Influencers inspire followers as they model and demonstrate how to enhance and personalize a look or a style featuring our partner fashion brands of clothing, accessories, beauty and lifestyle products.

Work with Modeliste’s Influencers

Why is Modeliste Magazine’s approach to influencer marketing different from other companies?

By partnering with Modeliste, your company will connect with the Influencer Getaway experience to showcase your brand in a personalized and relevant context while generating:

  • Social media engagement
  • Diverse audience impressions and expressions
  • Enhanced sales
  • Enthusiasm and aspirational connection

For our carefully selected Influencers attending, these brand-sponsored Influencer Getaways present opportunities to develop unique and beautiful content experiences, cultivate new audiences as well as being featured in Modeliste’s monthly print and digital publication.

Brands across the spectrum benefit by investing in Influencer marketing agency campaigns and Modeliste Mode Around the Globe Influencer Getaways provide the ideal opportunity for select international Influencers to participate in envy-inducing trips designed specifically to highlight beautiful imagery and engaging content while ultimately generating sales.

At Modeliste, we celebrate all women with a commitment to our appreciation and belief in beauty reflected in our uniqueness, our diversity, our dreams and our destinies. We strive to include a wide range of influencers from different backgrounds, ethnicities and nationalities to represent real women we can relate to, emulate, admire.

Work with Modeliste’s Influencers
model shoot with camel
influencer marketing

What are the benefits of travel & global getaways for influencer marketing campaigns?

Millennials love to travel.

While baby boomers prioritized purchases such as homes and cars, Millennials and Gen Z prefer to spend their money on experiences. So while their predecessors were making investments for the future, millennials are willing to fork out cash to explore a new country or try skydiving.

Since priorities have changed, it’s not hard to see why travel influencer campaigns are doing well to provide Millennials with inspiration for their next dream destination. Young millennials also spend more time scrolling through social media than any previous generation and travel influencers are targeting that audience.

Companies need to embed content in the actual posts themselves and that’s where Influencer marketing comes in.

While it’s no secret that influencers are funded by brands, they are more relatable to their followers than movie stars so millennials are more likely to base their travel decisions on what they see travel influencers doing.

Travel influencer getaways market well for brands because they get to show off their products in exotic and picturesque locations. Why wear your Solid & Striped bikini by your backyard pool when you can wear it in The Bahamas?

Work with Modeliste’s Influencers

About Modeliste Mode Around The Globe Influencer Getaways

Modeliste magazine partners with an impressive roster of top-ranked, award winning and internationally acclaimed content creators to cultivate influencer marketing campaigns tailored specifically to your brand’s needs and goals. Campaigns are designed to maximize social engagement through the curation of unique, relatable and aspirational imagery with the ultimate goal of reaching today’s consumers, driving an intent to purchase and generating sales through followers and exposure in the print and digital publication of Modeliste Magazine.

Modeliste was one of the first influencer marketing agencies in Los Angeles and is still one of the most prominent names in the space.

The Modeliste approach is authentic, experiential; an environment where everyone is expected to be creative, innovative and push the envelope with their fashion, beauty and lifestyle choices. It creates an environment that is more interesting and engaging, providing unique opportunities for brands to showcase their products.

Modeliste Influencer Getaways are dynamic live marketing events. Influencers will stay at luxury, five-star resorts, attend adventure and cultural activities, individual photoshoots, exclusive dinner and culinary experiences and spa treatments all while documenting the whole experience on their social media channels, often with links to purchase the pieces they’re wearing and the products they are using. Modeliste Influencer Getaways generate thousands of promotional images from the social media accounts of our Influencers, editors, models, celebrities and other VIPs in attendance dedicated exclusively for our partner brands.

For influencers, brand-sponsored trips present opportunities to develop unique and beautiful content experiences, reach new audiences, be featured in Modeliste magazine’s print and digital issue as well as on, create content for their social channels and feeds, and collaborate with brands. Modeliste Influencer Getaways present amazing content opportunities and bonding with the group of hard-working, strong, and supportive women that Modeliste trips bring together.

Modeliste has the advantage of being among the first to invest heavily in our influencer marketing agency, and is still one of the few magazines to promote social media stars.
In Modeliste’s vast influencer network, a few elite, high-converting social media stars such as Shay Mitchell, Camila Coelho, Olivia Culpo bring a wide audience appeal.
Scroll through ​Modeliste’s Instagram and you will see photos of these influencers, clad in our brand partner’s clothing or using our brand partner’s products. The attraction is not just the clothing but also the aspirational lifestyle that caters to the Millennial audience. Our followers and our Influencer’s followers want a piece of that lifestyle. It is important for the content to feel organic.

The most effective influencers aren’t necessarily the ones with the most recognizable names. Modeliste also works alongside Influencers who have a smaller social media reach but a higher rate of engagement with their followers.

The strategy is for influencers to help companies reach a target demographic they can’t reach elsewhere.

How we work with brands to design influencer marketing campaigns

Modeliste focuses on developing authentic, long-term relationships with brands that result in their products being showcased in an organic way.

We help brands through the entire process, from influencer campaign ideation to talent curation. Modeliste will always ensure that we choose influencers that match the most organically with your brand’s objectives.

We want to help brands create niche, quality content with great engagement from the target audience. Our experienced team will help you choose the right influencers to get the results that brands are looking for.

An Influencer Marketing Campaign is created with the following steps:

1. Learn about your brand and what needs, goals and outcomes your brand is trying to achieve.

Modeliste will help guide you through this process with strategies for success. Here are just a few of the things we’ll help you with:

  • Brand Awareness: Increase strategic exposure so consumers know, recognize, and like your brand.
  • Building Brand Identity: Promote your brand personality and values through our influencers.
  • Audience Building: Increase followers and subscribers of your brand on Social Media.
  • Engagement: Increase shares, comments, and likes for your content on Social Media.
  • Sales: Increase purchases of your products/services through Influencer promotion.
    Customer Loyalty: Maintain continued interest and connections with your brand.

2. Design an influencer marketing campaign that is customized specifically for  your brand.

Modeliste will find an influencer or group of influencers who will appeal to your brand’s target market. If you’re not sure who your target audience is, we’ll help you discover that too.

  • We want to know who you want to connect with through your campaign. Once you know your audience, it’s easier for us to identify people they follow and websites they frequent. Our view is that an emotional connection with the brand and the quality of the product has to connect with the consumer on its own.
  • We are here to help and provide guidance and insight every step of the way to ensure a successful Influencer marketing campaign and collaboration.

3. Execute your Influencer Getaway

This is the fun part – but also the most work involved. Of course it is not cheap to fly a whole team overseas to shoot at a luxurious and beautiful location, but the payoff for your brand can be huge. Not only does your brand generate a bunch of new content but you also have access to an influencer’s following and usage rights to imagery and content created.

  • Modeliste arranges the destination, flights, luxury resort accommodations, all dining, transportation, activities, Photographer, Videographer, stylist, and hair and makeup artist.
  • We coordinate the complete itinerary and daily photoshoots in order to best cultivate a successful and valuable Influencer Marketing Campaign for your brand.

Types of Influencers we work with

There are many different types of influencers out there which is why it’s so important for a brand to know its Target Audience. Your target audience will help inform the type of influencers to incorporate into your campaign design to get the results you are hoping to achieve for your brand.

Modeliste values working with a highly diverse group of Influencers from different ethnicities, race, body shapes, sizes and age.

Below are the types of influencers Modeliste works with:

  • Fashion & Style Influencers
  • Celebrity Influencers
  • Model Influencers
  • Beauty Influencers
  • Travel Influencers

Fashion & Style Influencers

Fashion influencers always look good because they get the best clothes. They have the power to influence purchase behavior of others with their recommendations and can usually be spotted at fashion shows, parties and on exclusive trips.

Italian fashion blogger, Chiara Ferragni is the voice behind The Blonde Salad. She started this blog back in 2009 to share her personal fashion inspiration and since then has grown into a much larger business venture. She has nearly 19 million followers on Instagram and her account showcases lifestyle, travel and fashion content. Ferragni has been the face of Lancôme and Pantene in the past and Financial Times recently ranked her the seventh biggest influencer in the world.

fashion influncer shoot
celebrity influencers for brands

Celebrity Influencers

Brand partnerships with celebrities have become even more far-reaching and impactful. So much so that the beauty and fashion industries have come in on the action, spending hefty marketing dollars on onsite media activations and extravagant parties to generate sales from fans and the celebrity-obsessed.

Seeing how everyone with a phone is bombarded with images and video performances by the biggest stars (Beyoncé, anyone?), Coachella is a way for fashion firms to connect with millennials and Generation Z. And to bolster their reach and generate buzz even more, they enlist social media influencers, those with followers that surpass six figures and have active engagement.

Model Influencers

Model Influencers make the perfect influencers because they usually have large followings. Brands can use model influencers to promote their product, especially when the model has opinions that align with the values of the brand. For example, if a model is known for strong feelings about animal rights and your product is a faux fur jacket, that would make a great match.

model influencer in silver dress
beauty influencer doing a campaign

Beauty Influencers

Some people consider beauty influencers the OG influencers (“old-school”). Many beauty influencers have won major contracts and promotional deals with cosmetic companies. Beauty influencers can get your products out to the right people and are experienced at promoting them in a more organic way.

MAC Cosmetics is one company that used six ‘self-expressive’ influencers in their Love Me lipstick product launch. Each influencer shared a self-love story during the digital marketing campaign to their followers. Together the influencers have a combined Instagram following of 3.6 million.

Travel Influencers

Ah… the eternal traveller. Who doesn’t want to live the life of a travel influencer? Milan one day, Paris the next. These influencers know how to convince even the biggest couch potato to get out and explore the world. Travel influencers are able to not only promote a city or a place but products as well. They know how to stir up wanderlust in millennials and create FOMO.

Airbnb ran a successful travel influencer campaign by providing free accommodation for artists who were performing at Coachella, California’s annual music festival. In exchange for free accommodation, stars like Martin Garrix promoted their Airbnb homes on social media which achieved incredible engagement rates on their sponsored posts.

creative travel influencer on location

How does Influencer marketing tie in with Social Media marketing platforms?

Influencers are almost synonymous with social media. It’s hard to scroll through Instagram without seeing a sponsored post these days which just shows how successful influencer marketing has become.

Here are a few examples of social media influencers:

Instagram Influencers

Did you know 70% of millennials trust influencers more than traditional celebrities? It’s a staggering number which is why so many brands are using influencers to promote their products and services. Modeliste’s January issue featured Brazilian influencer Camila Coelho on the front cover who has over eight million followers on Instagram. She posts Instagram stories daily and has her own fashion label.

Instagram offers one of the best avenues for top travel influencers to post their best travel snaps abroad and document stories of their adventures. If you use Instagram regularly you may have come across one of Murad Osmann’s posts, easily identifiable by a woman (his wife) pulling his hand towards a beautiful destination. Not only does Osmann have over 4 million followers but he created his own hashtag that people use – #followmeto.

The Hilton hotel chain is one of several companies that have partnered with well-established travel influencers. Hilton ran a successful social media influencer campaign where each post revealed a place on their list of ‘Seven Urban Wonders’, with each location showcasing one of Hilton’s luxury resorts.

Social Media: TikTok Influencers

TikTok is a relatively new social media platform but many influencers are using it to promote products. This is a platform that’s good if your target demographic is young as most people over the age of 35 haven’t really heard of it or used it.

Reports late in 2019 showed that TikTok had been downloaded 1.5 billion times and was the most downloadable app in the Apple Store and on Google Play for the year.

Chipotle ran a very successful TikTok marketing campaign for its annual “Boorito” competition during Halloween, where food is offered at a reduced price for ordering in a spooky costume. Influencers who were sponsored to participate in the campaign included Brittany Broski, Zach King and Jiffpom.

The #Boorito tag racked up a whopping 3.6 billion views, largely due to the help of influencers who could promote viral videos for the brand. Broski’s promotion got 160,000 likes in her advertisement.

Social Media: Pinterest Influencers

Like Instagram, Pinterest also launched in 2010 and has 200 million monthly active users. For those who aren’t familiar with Pinterest, it’s a platform where users connect based on their interest in particular products and topics. Users create a virtual board on a particular topic (eg. fashion) and curate images and products sourced from the Internet. Pinterest influencers can have a massive impact on people’s purchasing decisions.

Ways of implementing influencer marketing strategies:

#1 – DIY

If you have the time and the resources, you could implement your own influencer marketing strategy. This will involve a number of tasks including:

  • Tracking your KPIs and goals
  • Doing research on influencers
  • Reaching out to influencers and managers
  • Hiring contract staff such as photographers, make-up artists and videographers
  • Booking flights and accommodation for everyone
  • Managing logistics
  • Planning photo shoots

Remember issues will crop up along the way that you will have to deal with too.

#2 - Outsource to an influencer agency

There are many benefits of outsourcing to an influencer agency including:

  • Agencies save the brand time to concentrate on other projects
  • Agencies already have relationships with influencers and PR staff
  • Agencies have experience and know what works well and what doesn’t
  • Agencies can organize and plan your getaway influencer campaigns
  • Agencies know how to handle situations when things go wrong
  • Agencies have back-up plans when people pull out last minute or another issue has arisen

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