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20 Questions with Irene Lara

Irene Lara has developed a platform by being her fun and authentic self. Living in London from Spain and traveling all over the world she proves to create a versatile audience. Coming upon her 13th year as a blogger and working on some of her most exciting projects yet she proves to be a creative that makes it fun to follow her along the ride. 

How would you describe your personal brand?
Fun and real. I think I am very close to people day to day lives and routines.

What are three words that describe you?
Curious, adventurous and easy-going.

What inspired you to become an influencer and what is now your favorite part of being one now?
I started writing in my blog 12 years ago about the things that I love and then it all evolved into what it is today. There are many things I love about my job but the main one is the incredible people I have got to meet. Some of my best friends came from work and I am super grateful for that. Also the beautiful places I got to visit and all the things I have learnt thanks to this.

How would you describe your stay at the Four Seasons Serengeti Lodge?
It was a dream come true! waking up to elephants in my “backyard” and baboons in my balcony was an unforgettable experience.

What were you looking forward to most when coming onto this trip?
Africa is my favorite place on Earth. You cannot get to see and experience wildlife as you do it there and this is what I was super excited to see again!

What was your favorite part about the trip?
Seeing male lions so close to us was just breathtaking. Also, the incredible group of amazing and inspiring girls!

What would you say is your spirit animal and why?
Lion without a doubt. I identify myself a lot with this animal and its behaviour and have been obsessed with them since I was little. My star sign is Leo and I have a tattoo on my left hand of a male lion.

What is something you learned about Africa during your stay?
I always learn so many things about nature and how incredible and coordinated everything is!

What is something you always travel with?
Lip balm and hand cream.

Do you have a beauty ritual?
It really changes depending on where I am and what time of the year it is. But I always try to exfoliate 2-3 times a week.

What is your favorite fashion trend at the moment?
I never thought I would say this but I am obsessed with chunky trainers at the moment!

How do you stay up to date with beauty, fashion brands, and trends?
 I normally stick to trends when I really like them even after they are gone. Keeping up with the new things is not hard at all in this industry as we are always in touch with them.

What is your favorite accessory to wear daily?
 A small cross body bag.

What is something you would like to say to your fans?
 Thanks for all the support all along the way!

Are you working on any exciting projects?
So many, specially some super exciting video content and TV projects I cannot talk about right now so stay tuned!

What goal do you want to fulfill this year?
Focus on my YouTube channel and my new home and interior account.

3 things you’d like to check off on your Bucket List?
Learn to play violin and learn another language!

Where do you wish to travel next?
Probably Japan or Australia.

What advice would you give to someone who is going to Africa for their first time?
To enjoy it to the max and be respectful with the wild life.

What inspired you to work with Modeliste Magazine?
The incredible people that’s behind all the amazing work everyone else sees and the always beautiful destinations and experiences they work at!

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