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Jumeirah Bali




It’s Bali magic… Open your heart and let your spirit soar!

Find yourself in awe and wonder, immersed in a fairy tale of palatial elegance resonant in timeless splendor. Present day beauty recalls a treasured piece of Javanese-Hindu history, the ancient mystical Kingdom of Majapahit, magically re-visioned and brought to life at Bali’s stunning Jumeirah Bali.

A sun-drenched vision of sparkling white rises from the verdant green hillside, revealing the picturesque contemporary palace of Jumeirah Bali. Poised within expansive terraced gardens dotted with guest villas and pools extending to the ocean shore, the vision is breathtaking. Jumeirah Bali’s uniquely regal architecture is inspired by a tranquil Javanese-Hindu water palace, a place of beauty and joy. Ethereal white marble, stately columns and archways, and stunning interiors welcome guests to relax and enjoy. Historic stones artistically frame walkways, and contemporary porticos incorporate elements of traditional Balinese architecture, a tribute to the history and the unique island culture. Jumeirah Bali presents an assemblage of 123 luxurious all-villa, one-, two- and four-bedroom options, configured within the lush Heritage Majapahit gardens, showcasing Balinese design and spacious comfort. Terraces with private pools, embracing stunning views of this lovely resort kingdom, the Uluwatu coastline, and sunsets over the Indian Ocean. The Jumeirah Bali villa experience highlights natural elements in harmony with a well-appointed contemporary style, where gracious interiors seamlessly blend with the surroundings creating a retreat that we truly love.

Jumeirah Bali is truly magical, a place of serenity and dreams, wellness and restoration, a place for connection and spiritual renewal. Guests are invited to set an intention, a practice that feels so natural in this setting where mystical history together with ancient healing traditions have found relevance in the 21st century. Welcome to the wonders within the Jumeirah Talise luxury spa experience. The Jumeirah Bali philosophy is inspired by the “Negara Kertagama, a 14th century Javanese text in which the collective wisdom of centuries maps out a path to achieving a balance and harmony in life.” Beyond the extensive menu of spa treatments, guests will also experience the exceptional signature Hammam, its cleansing powers divined by ancients to produce health and healing, improved circulation, breathing, the release of environmental toxins, and ultimate muscle relaxation.

There is a special beauty that is Bali’s supreme gift, and Jumeirah Bali brings a connection to that beauty within the serene elegance of your villa stay, replete with all the modern amenities, butler service, and the healthful joys of all-day-dining at the Segaran Dining Terrace. Guests discover daily menus featuring a wealth of fresh organic, sustainably sourced ingredients tantalizing tastebuds with a variety of specialty Southeast Asian dishes. The Maja Sunset Lounge beside the infinity pool brings guests together throughout the day to celebrate the sun’s colorful finale at the day’s end. Jumeirah presents an opportunity to recalibrate and reflect, to pause as an individual, a couple, or a family. A time to flow with the rhythms of the ocean waves and discover the meaning of Bali bliss.

Situated on the topmost level of Jumeirah Bali, the newly opened signature restaurant AKASA places diners in the midst of nature, sea and sky with awe-inspiring views across the island’s gin-clear waters and romantic sunset panoramas. Inspired by the Majapahit era, the golden age of Java, the elegant restaurant invites guests to relax over lunch in the sun or an alfresco moonlit dinner to make the most of Bali’s balmy climate. Inside, the chic décor evokes a stately banquet hall where a royal Javanese family would entertain an intimate group of friends amid the splendor and royal ceremony.

AKASA’s Asian fusion menu created by Chef Joan Achour delights with rich, smoky flavors of Bali while referencing Thai, Japanese and Korean cuisines as well. By focusing on dishes that are perfect for sharing, Chef Joan pays tribute to Bali’s time-honored tradition of serving family-style meals on large platters and inviting everyone to help themselves. Starting with a crudo selection that includes flame-grilled tuna tartare with Timut pepper and wood-fired veal katsu, Chef Achour’s menu is also an ode to nourishing dishes of Bali cooked over an aromatic, wood-fired flame that uses seasonally-changing local firewood

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