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Whether you’re a minimalist at heart, searching for the perfect nude, want a one-piece that doubles as a bodysuit or are inclined to love all things classic and seamless —Nicole Isaacs of Nicole X Naked Wardrobe has your swim game covered. Nicole has curated her debut collection combining her love of travel and golden sand beaches with a pop of retro, yet polished edginess. It’s with the launch of her latest line that the most creative and unique results have come to life in these sexy-yet-chic pieces. Shop them while they’re hot…




Modeliste: Describe Nicole X Naked Wardrobe

Nicole: I designed 11 different swimsuit styles for my own capsule collection with the clothing brand Naked Wardrobe. I wanted to create something classic, simple and sexy. I had a retro 80’s vibe in mind when creating the collection. Every style comes in black, white and nude.

Modeliste: What makes your line so unique?

Nicole: The fabric and the fit. I wanted fabric that felt buttery and silky. I didn’t want the typical “scratchy” swimsuit fabric. I wanted it to feel like you were wearing spanx or nothing at all. All of the suits are seamless and padless which makes the fit mold perfectly to your body. It doesn’t cut you off in weird places.

Modeliste: What was the inspiration behind your line’s creation?

Nicole: I wanted a retro 80’s theme. I love high waisted anything and I always loved the Baywatch one piece style suits- that was definitely part of the inspiration behind the one pieces. I wanted it super sexy but classic and minimal at the same time.

Modeliste: Who is the Nicole Isaacs Swimwear girl?

Nicole: I designed a swimwear line for any and all body types but I specifically wanted to cater most of the styles to the curvy woman. I designed the line based on my personal style and styles I think look best on me. I wanted my line to stay true to who I was and what I loved. I took pieces of inspiration from all the swimsuits I’ve worn and seen and combined it to create my ideal suits.

Modeliste: What are your tips to finding the perfect fitting bikini?

Nicole: Anything you feel confident in and something that flatters your individual body type. I feel like the perfect suit for your body will make anyone feel sexy,confident and bring out the best in your body.

Modeliste: What can we look forward to next with the line?

Nicole: Different styles and more colors. I want to get a little more edgy with the cuts!

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